What do developers need to know about city mini programs?

Original title: What do developers need to know about city mini programs?

Mini programs have experienced explosive growth, especially mall mini programs, which have solved the problem of lack of traffic in many offline stores. So, how to make a mall-type applet? What needs to be paid attention to? What are the steps?

Today I will introduce to you:

1. Mini program listing conditions

Let’s put this point first. If you spend money to build a mini program and it fails to pass the WeChat review, everything will be in vain! Therefore, we must be clear about what products we sell in the mall mini program we make, and whether the business license includes the corresponding business scope or corresponding qualifications.

2. Basic function design

As shown in the figure below, the simplest mall applet contains at least these functional points (from the front desk to the back desk).

What do developers need to know about city mini programs?

3. Design and development

Carry out corresponding product design, UI design, code architecture design, etc. according to the second point. You can either recruit people to do these yourself, or you can outsource them all to Beijing Kanwo Technology (saving time, effort and money).

4. Promotion and operation

Many articles have already introduced the methods of promoting and operating mini programs, which are nothing more than (smartly using WeChat search entrance, using mini program names to grab rankings, nearby mini programs, WeChat group sharing, to achieve fan fission and official account profile page binding). Define relevant mini programs, insert mini program business cards into public account articles, etc.)

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