How does the WeChat mini program activate the live selling mode?

In recent years, after micro-live broadcasting has been adjusted again, users who want to watch live broadcast content and interact in real time through WeChat can now use mini programs. Moreover, the best advantage in the market of mini programs without downloading also makes merchants and enterprises that use mini programs to carry out live broadcasts more competitive, and it is easier to obtain user traffic and be loved by users. If If you want to enter the live broadcast market through the micro live broadcast mode, you need to understand how the WeChat mini program enables the live broadcast selling mode?

How does the WeChat mini program activate the live selling mode?
Live streaming

(1) Development mode

Mini program mall-embedded live broadcast system

This model mainly embeds the live broadcast system into the mini program mall during development to achieve an overall integration state, and can share a backend. This development method is actually more suitable for merchants who need a second development. , because it is more convenient to add new functions again, and the operations after going online can also be easier to manage. You can sell goods by starting the live broadcast directly in the background.

(2) Operation model

Mini Program Mall-Pre-heating for Live Streaming Events

After the development of the mini program is completed, the merchant can directly start the live broadcast in the background. However, when operating the live broadcast model to bring goods, it is best to use public accounts or communities to warm up the event to achieve a closed sales loop during the live broadcast. In the ecological environment, merchants can use the WeChat platform to attract traffic and promote content that needs to be broadcast live to increase the conversion effect of user fission. They can also push directly to users through the subscription function to predict the price of goods in advance, thereby increasing conversions.

(3) Application scenarios

Mini Program Mall-Live Broadcast Applicable Industries

At present, there are many industries that can be used to develop small programs to do micro live broadcasts, such as: fresh food industry, food industry, book industry, digital industry, maternal and infant industry, beauty industry, etc., and can be used as a way to enter the social network. The beginning of the e-commerce operation model, and the WeChat mini program not only enables the live broadcast mode, but also diversified marketing models, such as group bargaining, lottery voting, etc., which allows merchants to achieve rapid results with the help of mini programs Gain profits by acquiring customers, thereby enjoying the “bonus period” brought about by the current WeChat ecosystem.

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