How to develop a mini program, steps to develop a WeChat mini program

After the WeChat team launched WeChat Mini Programs, WeChat Mini Programs have more and more functions. The powerful functions of WeChat Mini Programs have also attracted many merchants to develop WeChat Mini Programs. Some large enterprises will look for specialized WeChat mini program development companies to help them develop mini programs, and some businesses will choose to develop mini programs themselves if they understand some software development technologies.

Lan Chang Information, a professional mini program development company, will talk to you about how to develop a mini program. What are the steps to develop a WeChat mini program?

1. Before developing a WeChat mini program, merchants first need to register a WeChat mini program. If there is no WeChat yet, the mini program merchant can directly log in to the WeChat public platform, and then register a WeChat mini program account on the WeChat public platform. WeChat A mini program account is equivalent to an ID card on the WeChat platform.

2. After we have a WeChat mini program account, we can officially develop WeChat mini programs. Before formal development, we need to prepare development tools in advance. Users can download the official WeChat developer tools on the mini program development interface of the WeChat public platform.

How to develop a mini program, steps to develop a WeChat mini program

3. After completing the installation, choose to open the WeChat Developer Tools. At this time, the login option will pop up on the page. You can select the mini program project, enter your own mini program account, and click Confirm.

4. After entering the developer tools, you can officially start making small programs. After the mini program is developed, you need to apply for a test report to understand the performance and operating results of the WeChat mini program on real mobile devices.

5. If the merchant feels that it is too troublesome to develop by himself, he can find templates on the Internet for production, which can save time and effort.

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