What are the prospects for enterprises to develop mini program malls?

Original title: What are the prospects for enterprises to develop mini program malls? ? ?

At present, the development momentum of the mobile Internet is booming, and many companies will consider mini program development if they want to deploy in it. Especially for companies engaged in e-commerce, building a mini program mall is indeed a good choice. The fundamental reason is that small programs have very high prospects for the majority of enterprises.

What are the prospects for enterprises to develop mini program malls???

Lower threshold

Mini programs are relatively simple to develop and are not as complex as APP applications. The development cost is also much lower than APP applications. I believe everyone knows that custom development of APP applications starts with more than 100,000 yuan, while mini programs are only one-tenth of that. This will lower the threshold for enterprises to develop mini programs. Whether they are large or small and medium-sized enterprises, they are fully capable of developing mini program malls.

The market is huge

Anyone who runs a business knows that a large number of users means a large market. Mini programs are operated based on WeChat, and WeChat is currently a mobile application with a very large number of users and a very high frequency of use. When everyone has nothing to do, they will take out their mobile phones and check WeChat. By building a mini program mall, enterprises can take advantage of WeChat’s huge user base and bring more user markets to the mini program mall.

Easy to promote

Mini programs are very easy to promote and attract traffic. First of all, mini programs will receive official support from WeChat and open up many traffic entrances. When enterprises promote small programs, they can promote their own small programs very well as long as they give full play to the advantages of WeChat, such as friend circles, friend sharing, WeChat groups, and public accounts. In this way, companies can promote small programs. It will become very easy.

Excellent experience

If a user wants to use an APP, he must first search for it in the app market, then download and install it on his phone, and finally register to use it. The process is very cumbersome. But the mini program does not require users to download and install it at all. Users only need to find it, or directly scan the code to enter it, and then use WeChat to log in with one click to use it. Relatively speaking, the user experience of mini programs will be very good, and they will be more likely to be liked by users.

What are the prospects for enterprises to develop mini program malls???

In general, the prospects that small programs can bring to enterprises will be immeasurable. Currently, thousands of companies are gathering together to deploy small programs, which is enough to explain everything. Of course, in any industry or platform, if there is success, there will also be failure. Although the prospects of mini programs are very bright, if companies want to obtain ideal prospects from them, they still need to carefully improve the quality and operation of mini programs.

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