Why does community e-commerce have such a powerful money-making effect?

With the development of the times, the market scope of e-commerce has become more and more extensive. In recent years, the community e-commerce model derived from e-commerce has become very popular. It is combined with offline physical stores to promote the new retail model. So what operations does the community e-commerce platform have? What about patterns?

Why does community e-commerce have such a powerful money-making effect?
Community e-commerce

On the basis of having a physical store, a community e-commerce system will be opened. Users can go to the physical store to consume, or place orders through mobile phones and have them delivered quickly to their homes. Through the new retail model, Alibaba’s Hema Xiansheng’s square footage is four times that of traditional stores!

In the era of smartphones, everyone has become accustomed to mobile shopping being delivered to their homes. This will become more and more obvious in the future. If your physical store has not yet set up its own community e-commerce system, then at least half of your business will be lost.

Why does community e-commerce have such a powerful money-making effect?

1. Customer analysis: The customer’s purpose is simple, convenient and fast. Although traditional e-commerce is cheaper, it takes a long time, and logistics takes at least 2-5 days. In traditional physical stores, you need to go downstairs to shop, and the product categories are very limited due to store restrictions. Coupled with the layers of agents, the price of the terminal is high. Community e-commerce has a large number of users, is supported by physical stores, and is trusted by customers.

2. Products and prices: Most traditional e-commerce companies obtain products from agents, and the price advantage is lost; while community e-commerce companies directly cooperate with manufacturers and agricultural product bases, and the price advantage is obvious; especially logistics costs, community e-commerce companies have obvious price advantages. The model is obviously better than traditional e-commerce.

3. Logistics and distribution: The traditional e-commerce delivery cycle ranges from 2 to 5 days, but community e-commerce can deliver orders on the same day, or even door-to-door delivery in half an hour within 3 kilometers. Traditional e-commerce has long delivery distances and high costs. Community e-commerce provides low-cost and fast delivery in a small area, and the cost is only one-third of traditional e-commerce.

4. Shopping experience: Traditional e-commerce platform products will only be updated when new products come out. Community e-commerce updates products every day so that consumers will not have aesthetic fatigue and can calculate consumers’ purchasing habits based on big data. . The product life cycle quickly drives the products consumers want to buy today.

5. Promotion methods: Traditional e-commerce companies need higher advertising costs to seize the prime position. Community e-commerce is a precise group promotion, face-to-face promotion, which saves a lot of promotion costs than traditional e-commerce. This space is completely profitable for consumers. Promotional methods vary widely. Traditional e-commerce is a common promotion. Community e-commerce is one-to-one promotion through community outlets, which has higher accuracy.

6. After-sales service: Traditional e-commerce after-sales service is not handled in a timely manner, and the high complaint rate is currently a serious problem. Community e-commerce can provide timely feedback and solve problems promptly. It is obvious that community e-commerce is the trend in the next two years, and it is also the first community e-commerce brand that families prefer to establish.

To sum up, in today’s digital era, traditional industries should also change their traditional marketing ideas and use the Internet to transform and develop new retail models. Only in this way can they stand out in this market environment and acquire more users.

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