• Mini program development company: What are the functions of community service appointment mini program development?

    With the continuous improvement and progress of community services, making appointments for community services has become a trend. In order to provide more convenient services, the community service appointment applet came into being. This small program allows users to make appointments for required community services anytime and anywhere, helping residents better enjoy the convenience and services of the community. Professional Mini program development company Lanchang Information Technology will introduce to you some common functions of community service appointment mini programs to help developers better understand and develop mini programs that…

  • Community group buying mini program development

    Original title: Community Group Buying Mini Program Development Today, mini programs have become a red ocean for offline development performance and channel expansion. Because of their low development costs, short delivery cycles, and flexible operations, they are favored by many small and medium-sized business owners, especially those with stores. The community group buying mini program is a new way of mini program that combines new retail and fresh products. It uses the mini program as a platform and targets community residents to truly achieve precise consumption and precise positioning. So…

  • How should community e-commerce mini programs be developed?

    Original title: How to develop community e-commerce applets? Tencent said in the live broadcast of the WeChat Open Class Mini Program in 2020 that since 2020, Tencent has relied on the WeChat ecosystem to accelerate the layout of social e-commerce and new retail, and user traffic has been sinking and scattered from traditional e-commerce to diversified social e-commerce scenarios. . And Mini Programs Social e-commerce under “discovery” and “sharing” is accelerating to break the traffic barrier of traditional e-commerce shopping! So how to develop the social e-commerce mini program platform?…

  • How to stabilize user retention in WeChat mini program community operations?

    As of 2021, although more and more merchants and companies have settled in WeChat mini programs, this also means that the competitiveness is beginning to become stronger, and merchants need to focus more on “operation”. Once the mini programs operate better, Then the more opponents that can be defeated, the commercial profits obtained from them will increase accordingly. If you want to stand out during the operation period, you must have a community to stabilize user retention. Today I will talk about it. Let’s talk about how to stabilize user…

  • What are the ways to make money through community group buying mini programs?

    At the beginning of 2020, the epidemic broke out in China, and people were forced to isolate themselves at home. Therefore, community group buying began to shine, and it became a hot topic in the capital market and venture capital circles. Nowadays, the daily revenue of many community group buying applets has increased from hundreds of thousands to It ranges from several million to several million. From this, we can see how popular the community group buying model is, and it has also attracted a large number of novice entrepreneurs…

  • Community group buying APP development and solutions

    At the Internet Conference, five new trends in my country’s future economy were proposed: new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology and new energy. Among them, the new retail economy is currently developing relatively hotly. The development of community group buying APP can help companies better improve customer acquisition efficiency and reduce customer acquisition costs, so it has also been sought after by many merchants and continues to improve and progress in social development. Community group buying APP development and solutions 1. Product management: The platform can manage products,…

  • Why has developing smart community service APP become a hot topic?

    With the acceleration of urban construction, the community service system has been continuously improved, and coupled with the rapid development of the mobile Internet, a variety of community APP software has emerged to meet the diverse needs of users. At the same time, this also shows that the development of today’s communities is moving towards intelligence, and creating an intelligent community is one of the main tasks at the moment. So, why has developing community service APP become a hot topic? 1. Community residents’ demand for high-quality life is increasing…

  • Why does community e-commerce have such a powerful money-making effect?

    With the development of the times, the market scope of e-commerce has become more and more extensive. In recent years, the community e-commerce model derived from e-commerce has become very popular. It is combined with offline physical stores to promote the new retail model. So what operations does the community e-commerce platform have? What about patterns? On the basis of having a physical store, a community e-commerce system will be opened. Users can go to the physical store to consume, or place orders through mobile phones and have them delivered…