Developing and producing mini programs: What is the process of developing and producing WeChat mini programs?

Wechat Mini Program is an application that does not require downloading and installation. It realizes the dream of having applications “at your fingertips”. Users can open applications by scanning or searching.
After the application is fully open, developers who are enterprises, governments, media, other organizations or individuals can apply to register mini programs. WeChat mini programs, WeChat subscription accounts, WeChat service accounts, and WeChat enterprise accounts are parallel systems.

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Develop and produce small programs
Develop and produce small programs

1. Obtain the Mini Program AppID

Log in to the WeChat public platform and find the AppID of the mini program in the menu “Develop” — “Basic Configuration”. The AppID of a mini program is equivalent to an ID card on the mini program platform.

You will use the AppID in many places later (note that this must be different from the AppID of the service account or subscription account).

2. Development tools

After we have a mini program account, we need a tool to develop mini programs. Go to the “Developer Tools” download page and install the “Developer Tools”.

The development tools are available in three versions: windows64, windows32, and mac. You can choose the development tools suitable for your computer according to the actual situation. After installation, you can launch the developer tools directly.

Developing and producing mini programs: What is the process of developing and producing WeChat mini programs?

3. On the mini program management page, click “Add Project”

4. Fill in the AppID and project name of the applied mini program

5. Then click “Select” to create a new folder as the new project directory. Click “Add Project” again to create a new WeChat applet project.

6. Submit the completed mini program to Tencent for review. Generally, you can have your own company’s WeChat mini program after it is approved within 7-14 working days.

Developing it yourself or handing it over to the company’s development department is the most economical way. In this way, you can have your own mini program without spending a penny.

If you want to develop a mini program mall with payment functions, the enterprise version needs to be certified by WeChat, and you only need to pay Tencent a certification fee of 300 yuan.

Of course, if you don’t understand program code and don’t have a development team, you need to find a third-party company that specializes in producing and developing mini programs. This is also the way ordinary merchants create mini programs.

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