Four basic functions of WeChat mini program mall development

In the era of mobile e-commerce, the role and influence of mini program malls have become more and more obvious, and they have become one of the standard tools for merchants to grab traffic.

Before corporate merchants prepare to develop a WeChat mini program mall, they must first plan their own mall mini program production model and ideas. Different WeChat mall mini-programs have different functional requirements and different production and development.

WeChat mini program malls are mainly used for self-sold goods, and some mini program malls are multi-merchant type. The former only requires members to purchase and pay. The multi-merchant mall also involves merchant management, order management, transaction management, fund management, etc. In addition to differences in models, there are also differences in marketing functions. Mall marketing models are diverse. Some malls use group buying, flash sales, etc., while others operate through distribution models.

Although there are many WeChat mini program mall models, we can also observe more mini program malls on WeChat and choose the functions we are more satisfied with as a reference, which will also provide more inspiration for our own planning.

Four basic functions of WeChat mini program mall development
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Generally speaking, mini program malls will include four basic functions.

1. Payment

The fast payment feature will bring in more customers. There will be a lot of trouble when paying directly in RMB, and online payment can solve this problem very well. The WeChat platform supports various forms of online payment. Whether you use bank cards or other payment methods, WeChat supports these platforms.

2. Settlement system

The WeChat Mini Program Mall is backed by WeChat Payment, which brings great advantages to the mall’s settlement function. Users only need to select the purchased products in the mall and add them directly to the shopping cart, and then they can settle the purchase with one click.

3. Management

Mini program mall management is a relatively complex process, which involves the management of various types of goods, the dynamic association of categories, parameters, brands, etc., and the realization of customized functions, including the listing and removal of goods from the shelves, the establishment of points and scores, etc. In addition, the management system can perform order maintenance on different statuses of order information. When the back-end customer personnel accepts the order, the system can automatically lock the order to avoid data inaccuracies caused by different personnel processing the same order.

4. Member

The mini program mall has a complete membership management system, which automatically saves passwords, membership levels, points management, points redemption, import and export and other functions.

When developing a mall on WeChat mini program, you must provide corresponding services based on actual scenarios to provide convenience to users, and adjust operation and maintenance strategies in a timely manner based on user feedback.

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