Distribution mall system-how to use and features the hourly flash sale function

Many business owners say that they have purchased too many products and cannot sell them in the warehouse. What should they do if the inventory pressure is high?

Today I would like to share with you a function called the hourly flash sale function. This function has helped many business opportunities sell their stored goods, and I think it is very helpful.

Distribution mall system-how to use and features the hourly flash sale function
Distribution Mall

This function is actually to make your product at a certain point in time, and then set its corresponding inventory, so that users will feel that they will suffer a lot if they cannot grab this product, and they will take advantage of it if they grab it. The hourly sale is to take advantage of this of people Psychologically motivate people to buy.

And the time you set cannot be too long, because if the time is too long, users will hesitate, and they may not buy it after hesitation. But if the time is short, it will be difficult for users to think about whether they need this thing, which will increase your sales. Forehead.

Therefore, through the hourly flash sale function, your products can be sold out quickly in a short period of time.

But one thing you need to pay attention to is to set the time reasonably. The shorter the better. If the time is too short, users may not buy it, which will be counterproductive. Moreover, you cannot send many flash sales in a short time, because if you throw it away, If you see it all the time, you will feel that you have been deceived and return the product directly. This is a very bad phenomenon.

So what are the functions of this?

Through hourly flash sales, you can set the corresponding products through the backend, and then conduct a snap sale event at different points in time. You can set the inventory of the product for each snap sale event separately until it is sold out.

That is on the product details page. When users see the product details page, they can see the end time and start time of the event, thereby guiding users to quickly buy the product.

The above is a sharing about how to use the hourly flash sale function and its features. I hope it can help you.

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