Enterprise WeChat official website development: Why should we develop an enterprise WeChat official website?

In the era of mobile Internet, more than 90% of people use WeChat to chat, follow Moments, and obtain information. Such large user traffic has led many companies to move their official websites to mobile phones, and more and more companies have developed corporate micro-official websites.

New Mileage Technology, a professional enterprise WeChat official website development company, will talk to you about why we should develop an enterprise WeChat official website?

Enterprise WeChat official website development Enterprise WeChat official website development[ /caption]

Why should we build an enterprise micro-official website? What are the advantages and benefits?

1. Low-cost development of enterprise WeChat official website

Compared with APP development and mini program development, the cost of enterprise micro-official website development is much lower.

2. Development of enterprise WeChat official website with high applicability

1. The web page design developed by the enterprise micro-official website is comfortable and the interface design can greatly improve the user retention rate.

2. It can be bound to the corporate WeChat public account menu, which can be browsed by users who follow the company at any time.

3. Various functional modules can be customized for enterprises to effectively meet the needs of enterprises’ online service customers.

3. The development cycle of enterprise WeChat official website is short

Enterprise micro-official website development can basically be completed in as little as one month, from custom design to development and launch. For enterprises, if the enterprise micro-official website can be launched one minute earlier, it can create huge economic value for the enterprise.

4. More suitable for WeChat ecosystem marketing

The WeChat ecosystem has 1.2 billion daily active users. Enterprise micro-official websites can connect with corporate public accounts to better provide customers with interaction and their own marketing.

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