Sharing system development-how to realize self-service consumption in shared chess and card rooms

How does shared chess and card games realize unmanned self-service consumption?

I have introduced the difference between shared chess and card rooms and traditional chess and card rooms before. Today we will talk about how shared chess and card rooms can achieve unmanned self-service.

Sharing system development-how to realize self-service consumption in shared chess and card rooms
Unmanned self-service consumption

We first reserve the chess and card room room and time on the mini program. The chess and card room usually starts in four hours, which is the standard length of time for technical exchanges. After the payment is confirmed, the order is generated.

We can share the order with our friends, and he can operate the order.

The first thing you do when you arrive at the chess and card room is to enter the door. The door of the shared chess and card room is equipped with a smart door lock or a magnetic door lock. It can be linked to the applet. Click on the applet to open the door, and the door will automatically open and find the private room we reserved. , the door here has the same nature as the main door. Click on the private room door of the mini program to open it with one click.

After opening the private room door, the room will automatically be powered on, and the small program can control the switches of various electrical appliances, such as the power supply of the mahjong machine, air conditioners, lights, etc.

The system automatically starts timing when the order starts. Merchants can set up a reminder a few minutes before the order ends. The room will automatically turn off power when the order ends.

After the order is completed, the mini program will automatically send a message to the store to prompt cleaning. After the cleaning has finished cleaning the room, the room can be booked again.

This is the entire unmanned self-service consumption process in the shared chess and card room.

In later operations, you only need to clean the room on time.

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