Shared system development – What are the advantages of sharing a chess and card room?

For consumers, what are the advantages of a shared chess and card room?

Shared system development - What are the advantages of sharing a chess and card room?
Shared chess and card room

I have a friend who runs a chess and card room. He often said in the past that if he committed sins in his previous life, he will work in the service industry in this life. In the past few years of the epidemic, this sentence has changed to “several sins he committed in this life. During the epidemic in this life, he will work in the service industry.” Want to work in the service industry.

For merchants, shared chess and card rooms can be open 24 hours a day, extending business hours, increasing revenue, and saving labor costs. This is the core advantage.

For consumers, it is of course better to have someone to serve you than no one. However, the biggest pain point of traditional chess and card rooms is that large chess and card rooms have poor environment, many rooms, and high investment costs. Therefore, the number of high-quality chess and card rooms is relatively small, and they are far away. Consumers are also relatively far away.

Shared chess and card rooms are different. There are six to eight private rooms, with low investment and large quantities. Naturally, they are closer to consumers, providing convenience for Chinese quintessence lovers.

Young people like this sharing model even more. No one will disturb them during the whole process. Therefore, many shared chess and card rooms can become Internet celebrity shops for local young people to check in.

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