• Sharing Management System-Why are shared tea rooms so popular among consumers?

    If changes in consumer demand have created market opportunities for shared tea rooms, then smart technology has enabled it to reduce labor costs and the threshold for opening a store. The prototype of the shared tea room in 2016 was a relatively failed example. Today we will talk about why the shared tea room still exists and develops rapidly. In fact, it is because the shared tea room has made more rational changes in technology. Now when consumers go to a shared teahouse, they only need to reserve a private…

  • Sharing system development-how to realize self-service consumption in shared chess and card rooms

    How does shared chess and card games realize unmanned self-service consumption? I have introduced the difference between shared chess and card rooms and traditional chess and card rooms before. Today we will talk about how shared chess and card rooms can achieve unmanned self-service. We first reserve the chess and card room room and time on the mini program. The chess and card room usually starts in four hours, which is the standard length of time for technical exchanges. After the payment is confirmed, the order is generated. We can…

  • Shared system development-shared chess and card room VS traditional chess and card room

    The chess and card room is the most common leisure and entertainment consumption scene for ordinary people, and the quintessence of Chinese culture is a competitive game where friends love and kill each other and enjoy it endlessly. If we want to open a chess and card room, what model should we choose? Is it shared mode or traditional mode? First of all, they are all chess and card rooms with the same functional attributes and the same business logic behind them. We must pay attention to site selection and…