Shared system development-shared chess and card room VS traditional chess and card room

The chess and card room is the most common leisure and entertainment consumption scene for ordinary people, and the quintessence of Chinese culture is a competitive game where friends love and kill each other and enjoy it endlessly.

If we want to open a chess and card room, what model should we choose? Is it shared mode or traditional mode?

Shared system development-shared chess and card room VS traditional chess and card room
Shared chess and card room

First of all, they are all chess and card rooms with the same functional attributes and the same business logic behind them. We must pay attention to site selection and decoration, and sound insulation. The chairs must be comfortable to sit on, and the hygiene must be clean.

The only difference is in the business model. The shared chess and card room uses an intelligent reservation system and intelligent hardware to simplify, streamline and standardize the tedious manual services in traditional chess and card rooms, and achieve a 24-hour unattended mode.

In other words, customers who go to the shared chess and card room are completely autonomous in the consumption process.

1. Reserve a room and time by yourself on the mini program.

2. Confirm the order and pay in advance.

3. Go to the chess and card room and open the door yourself.

4. Go to the reserved private room, open the private room door by yourself, start the order, and charge the room.

6. Ten minutes before the end of the order, you will be reminded whether the renewal period is over, the room will be powered off, and the customer will leave the store. It will remind you that the entire cleaning process does not require manual service.

Later operations only need to arrange sanitation and cleaning.

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