Student management system

Student Management System

A smart education management system that integrates teacher recruitment, enrollment, academic management, teaching management, student status management, student management, teacher information management, and data analysis – Xinshu Smart Campus Management System helps managers realize education informatization and management modernization. process.

Student management system
Mini program development

Solutions for educational teaching institutions and educational training institutions include:

1. Academic Affairs Management System

2. Campus management system

3. Online examination system

4.Student management system

5. Online school management system

Educational management system: It can arrange teachers, classrooms, students and other resources in a reasonable and orderly manner, coordinate time and plans, and achieve higher efficiency in the utilization of teaching resources. It also provides multi-dimensional statistical report viewing and analysis to better assist education and teaching institutions or Educational management needs of training institutions.

Functions: Functional modules such as basic information, student status management, class schedule management, examination management, performance management, teaching material management, student attendance management, teacher management, homework management, class management, teaching return visits, etc.

Campus management: Through the multi-campus management model, the main campus can easily grasp the operating status of each campus, assist each educational and teaching institution in refined management, high-quality operations, and enjoy the cloud-based intelligent academic affairs platform. The branch campus model divides the authority of the group. While ensuring that the headquarters can control the operation of the branch campus, the branch campus can also operate independently.

Functions: Module functions such as institutional management, campus management, department management, student files, financial information, teaching status, academic staff information, role system, etc.

Online examination system: Provides online behavior summary and performance analysis reports, including class analysis, examination diagnosis and management data reference for teachers.

Functions: Platform, question bank information management, examination paper composition management, marking management, online invigilation management, system comprehensive management, system settings and other functional modules.

Student management system: realizes a series of management services such as student enrollment and registration for the new semester, dormitory management services, student departure management, and logistics services, to improve the work efficiency of teachers and education and teaching institutions, improve management level and capabilities, and strengthen campus management.


Functions: Enrollment management, new/old student registration management, new/old student change major management, dormitory allocation management, dormitory type management, violation and discipline records, school departure management, procurement management, supply management, inventory management, financial management and other module functions.

Online school management system: Help traditional educational institutions O2O to realize online enrollment, charging, online learning and other management services. Through resource integration and optimal allocation of marketing, teaching and academic affairs and other resources, the efficiency of resource utilization and costs are improved.

It supports mobile APP, WeChat online school, Pad, PC web page and other terminal access. Student data is automatically synchronized to the cloud and can be switched between terminals at will. Students can choose their learning method at will, bringing a better experience to the college.

Functions: Live broadcast, recording and broadcasting, teaching resource management, online examination management, question bank management, online payment, member management, SMS and email notification, marketing settings, data analysis and other functional modules.

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