WeChat Medical Mini Program Development: What functions does the Medical Mini Program have?

WeChat Medical Mini Program Development Guide

Since the birth of WeChat, WeChat has brought huge changes to all walks of life. The development of WeChat medical mini programs has solved the problem of many hospital diseases that still exist. Difficulties in seeing a doctor, long queues, appointments, hospitalization and other issues. Moreover, the emergence of medical mini-programs not only reflects the innovation of the medical industry, but also makes up for many deficiencies in the medical service industry. Online registration, expert appointment, verification report, mobile payment and other functions can all be completed within the mini program, optimizing hospital services and greatly improving the patient’s medical experience.

WeChat Medical Mini Program Development
WeChat Medical Mini Program Development

What functions does the medical applet have?

1. Medical mini-program appointment registration

Registration through the mini program does not require queuing, it is convenient and fast. For users, they only need to follow the prompts and fill in the corresponding information on the mini program, including the type of disease to make, the time to make an appointment, and the doctor to make an appointment. For hospitals, they can manage appointments through mini programs and arrange doctors’ time reasonably, which saves time and improves efficiency at the same time.

2. Medical mini program online consultation

After users find the doctor they want on the mini program, they can click for online consultation, fill in the relevant information, and click submit. After submitting, you can make an appointment for online consultation. The doctor will conduct online Q&A with the patient based on the information submitted by the user, so that the patient can have a general understanding of his or her physical condition without leaving home.

3. Introduction to medical mini-program doctors

Users can see the doctor’s detailed introduction through the mini program, including name, photo, responsible department, professional expertise, academic honors, and the number of consultations and outpatient appointments made by the doctor, etc. This allows users to choose a doctor with more confidence.

4. Medical applet map navigation

Through the mini program, users can see the distribution locations of hospital departments, wards, and hospital parking lots. According to the map guidance, users can go to the departments they want to go to and quickly find empty spaces. The parking spaces solve the problem that patients feel like they are entering a maze as soon as they enter the hospital, and save patients time on the road.

The emergence of medical mini-programs is a new attempt to solve the doctor-patient relationship, and provides a platform to shorten the distance between doctors and patients. Understanding each other and communicating with each other can make doctors and patients more harmonious.

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