Analysis of costs required for outsourcing APP development projects

APP development is a popular development project at present. Many customers want to develop APPs, and what they are most concerned about is the development price.

The development cost of APP is mainly affected by the difficulty of functions and manual quotationFactor influenceLarge, if you find a suitable company, the development cost may be saved a lot.

Analysis of costs required for outsourcing APP development projects
APP development

So, how much does it cost to outsource an APP development project to a development company? Next, let’s analyze it together:

1. With the development of development technology, the cost of APP development is gradually decreasing

With the development of program code, many functional codes have source codes online, and programmers only need to copy and paste them. So developing an APP is not a difficult task.

For example, the mall APP’s main function is to pay orders. As long as this feature is not new, programmers usually develop it frequently and the code is already written. When developing, you only need to combine it with the project and do not need to rewrite, which greatly reduces development time and difficulty. The development cost of a mall APP is about 50,000. When you cooperate with an APP development company, you must pay attention to whether your APP functional requirements are regular functions or customized development. If they are regular functions, you can reduce a lot of costs.

2. Fixed cost of APP development

Among APP development costs, some costs are fixed. Every APP needs it. These fees are APP account authentication fee of 300 yuan, domain name fee of 50 yuan, virtual host (supports SSL encryption certificate) or cloud server. If your projects are small and medium-sized projects, you can rent a virtual host, which will save a lot of money, about 5,000 yuan a year.

3. Labor costs of APP development

The development quotation we provide to our customers will clarify the time and daily cost of each type of work, including UI design, back-end development, front-end development and other developers. The level of personnel costs directly determines the total cost of the entire development project. Some development companies use inexperienced and cheap personnel to reduce costs, and the quality of the apps developed in this way is poor. Try to find experienced programmers to help you develop APP. Veteran programmers have rich experience and have accumulated a lot of code.

4. Precautions for APP development

Be sure to back up the source code of the APP. When we find a third party to develop an APP, we can ask the other party to package the source code and send it to us after the project development is completed. In case the cooperation is terminated, the APP can be quickly restored.

5. Domain name and space

You should try your best to register the domain name yourself, and the domain name needs to be registered with your own qualifications. Space is where background files and APP data are stored. The space is very safe in your own hands.

6. Customized development is recommended

If your projects are small and medium-sized projects, such as enterprise display APP, shopping mall APP, and custom development function APP, it is best to use custom development. This kind of development cost is one-time and does not need to be updated every year. There are many platform APPs on the Internet, which are fixed templates, but they are updated every year, and the secondary development cost is relatively large.

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