How much does it cost to create an official corporate website?

Answer for everyone: How much does it cost to create an official corporate website?

Bosses of many companies will have this question when their company does not have an official website! How much does it cost to build a business website? very

Let’s first understand the components of a website: domain name, server, and program.

How much does it cost to create an official corporate website?
Enterprise official website fee

1. What is a domain name? Domain name costs!

The domain name is the URL we often see, such as Baidu’s domain name This domain name needs to be purchased. It is usually charged on an annual basis, ranging from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars, and it is usually tens of dollars per year. This domain name cost must be spent!

2. What is a server? Server costs!

The server is the storage space of the website. The website files, image text database, etc. are all in the server. Servers also need to be purchased, and servers are also charged annually. Some are expensive and some are cheaper. The server must be chosen to be a slightly better server. The website will be more stable after it goes online later, and the server will not always crash when the website goes online later. Therefore, the money for servers must also be spent.

3. What is the website program? The cost of the program!

Website program is also called website source code, website source code; it is sent to you by the website construction company, transmitted to the corresponding server (note the type of program), bound to the domain name, and it is the website. The cost of the program needs to be determined based on your needs, how many pages the website has, what functions are required in the backend, etc. The general customization price is around 8,000-15,000. If you use a template to build a website, the cost will be lower, around 5,000.

To sum up, we can conclude that if your corporate website is popular, the cost will be relatively low. If it is a high-end customized design, the cost will be higher.

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