• Whether an enterprise needs APP software development can be judged from these aspects?

    Whether an enterprise needs APP software development, judge from these aspects? With the development of the mobile Internet, the APP market has also developed rapidly; and with the development of the APP market, many companies have focused on this attractive piece of cake. Therefore, more and more industries are carrying out customized development of APP software. Today, whether it is the education industry, leisure service industry, real estate industry or medical industry, etc., they all have APP software exclusive to their own companies. When using In the process, it is…

  • What should you pay attention to when making and developing WeChat mini programs?

    What should you pay attention to when making and developing WeChat mini programs? 1. The first thing is to understand the background and business of the development company Consider the qualifications of the development company, the strength of the technical team, and whether there is experience in developing software products. Don’t easily believe that a small team of three or five people can quickly build a small program. Some copy other people’s code, and if a bug occurs, they cannot quickly locate the problem. Of course, this cannot be generalized….

  • Shanghai APP Development Company-What are the APP development, testing and acceptance tasks?

    After developing an APP, enterprises will need to conduct testing and acceptance. Only when there are no problems will they choose to go online. I believe few companies know what tasks are generally required during testing and acceptance. Next, let’s talk about it in detail. APP development Functional testing The so-called functional testing means to experience the functions of the APP one by one according to the development documents to see whether these functions are implemented and can be used normally, and to test the use of these functions. During…

  • Shanghai SEO optimization company: From what aspects should SEO personnel analyze the value of the website?

    Now SEO personnel need to read a lot, in addition to checking your own website, you also need to look at the websites of your peers, even those who are not peers. Looking at a website, you need to evaluate the value of the website, so as to help yourself better analyze the website, and have a multiplier effect on the subsequent work. So, how to evaluate the value of a website, let’s analyze this problem. When the website was built The longer a website exists on the Internet, the…