Shanghai APP Development Company – An APP starts from an idea, how to develop it into an APP and launch it online

What is the process like from an idea in your mind to an APP available for download in the app store?

APPs can be complex or simple. Complex APPs can be developed by hundreds or even thousands of people, while simple APPs can be completed by one person.

Let’s take a look at how an APP starts from an idea and how it is turned into an APP step by step and put on the App Store for everyone to download.

Shanghai APP Development Company - An APP starts from an idea, how to develop it into an APP and launch it online
APP development

From idea to Appstore, there is only one line of code missing: hello world! This is the simplest story of the birth of an App – if this App is just to implement the function of saying hello to users.

Sounds pointless? But there are cases.

There once appeared a money-frauding app in the Google App Store. This app only had a red button, and you could get one yuan by clicking on it. But hundreds of thousands of people were deceived. It takes advantage of people’s curiosity, which also shows that the process of app production is not complicated, what is complicated is the demand.

All processes other than “idea-code-release” are derived as demand increases. For example, in logo design, the programmer can take a screenshot himself, or a UI designer can provide it specially, or you can spend millions extra to ask a master to round the corners.

Judging from the current development situation, the processes that have been derived include:

Requirements analysis, requirements review, process design, prototype design, prototype review, requirements explanation, code writing, testing, bug fixing, acceptance, registering an Appstore account, publishing and listing.

The corresponding job positions need to be: project manager, product manager, UI designer, UE designer, programmer, test engineer, operations manager.

As ​​demand increases, other steps and operations such as “Programmer Encouragement” may be needed.

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