• Introduction to environmental detection APP development functions

    Environmental pollution is an inevitable fate in every city, and various types of sub-sag environmental monitoring software have appeared on the market. The Environmental Testing APP provides various classified information on environmental testing, and also has columns for investment promotion, testing content, and career information by region. Users in need can directly purchase their favorite environmentally friendly products, and businesses and users in need can communicate directly through such a bridge. Introduction to environmental detection APP development functions 1. Transparency of corporate pollution emissions: real-time pollution emissions at monitoring points,…

  • Swiss Profometer & Profoscope Reinforced Concrete Scanning Fast and accurate rebar protection, diameter and corrosion assessment

    Swiss Profometer & Profoscope Reinforced Concrete Scanning Screening Eagle Technologies (Screening Eagle Technologies) was formed by the merger of Swiss non-destructive testing instrument brand Proceq and Singaporean robotics company Dreamlab. Provides a technology platform for intelligent inspection in the construction and infrastructure construction industries. For more information about concrete wall scanning and testing instruments, please contact Screening Eagle Intelligence official website: https://www.screeningeagle.com/zh/ Rebar positioning is a core activity for anyone involved in field testing of reinforced structures. Locating rebar is necessary during drilling, coring, and most other preliminary operations required…

  • Shanghai APP Development Company-What are the APP development, testing and acceptance tasks?

    After developing an APP, enterprises will need to conduct testing and acceptance. Only when there are no problems will they choose to go online. I believe few companies know what tasks are generally required during testing and acceptance. Next, let’s talk about it in detail. APP development Functional testing The so-called functional testing means to experience the functions of the APP one by one according to the development documents to see whether these functions are implemented and can be used normally, and to test the use of these functions. During…

  • Software testing: the basic process followed by software product testing

    Different types of software products have different software testing methods and focuses, and the testing process will also be different. For the same type of software products, the testing processes of different software companies will also be different. Although the specific testing steps for different software and different companies are different, the basic testing process to be followed is the same. 1. Testing requirements analysis Testers need to analyze the software requirements before formulating a test plan in order to have a clear understanding of the software product to be…