How to stabilize user retention in WeChat mini program community operations?

As of 2021, although more and more merchants and companies have settled in WeChat mini programs, this also means that the competitiveness is beginning to become stronger, and merchants need to focus more on “operation”. Once the mini programs operate better, Then the more opponents that can be defeated, the commercial profits obtained from them will increase accordingly. If you want to stand out during the operation period, you must have a community to stabilize user retention. Today I will talk about it. Let’s talk about how to stabilize user retention in community operations for reference.

How to stabilize user retention in WeChat mini program community operations?
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1. User analysis: As long as users enter the mini program, merchants can obtain user-related data in the background, and these data need to be analyzed to operate the community, such as user area, user consumption, user Data such as interests can build a more specific social user consumer group.

2. Activity stimulation: It is necessary to “cooperate” with the mini program to increase the novelty of the activity so that the number of users in the community who can participate in the mini program activities will be greatly increased. Generally speaking, we can carry out bargaining activities in the mini program, but You can operate a community to warm up and attract traffic, thereby increasing conversions and maintaining users.

3. Red envelope rewards: Regular red envelope activities can be carried out in the community to make the community active instead of a dead group. Although the operation method of red envelope rewards requires a certain amount of investment, it brings users The retention effect is good, and it can attract more users to enter the group and become users of the mini program.

4. Sharing and fission: The key to community operation is whether it can produce sharing and fission effects. After all, if you want to obtain greater retention effects, it is not enough to do activities and user analysis alone, and community operations need to do Go to the link that “stimulates” users to share and fission, so that users can independently generate sharing behaviors, and continue to accumulate and retain a user base for businesses.

Community operation is one of the best ways for WeChat mini programs to obtain user traffic and maintain user retention. Grasping the “social attributes” can bring more user fission effects to mini programs, thereby achieving more profits. , which is one of the reasons why more and more businesses and companies are starting to operate communities.

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