How should community e-commerce mini programs be developed?

Original title: How to develop community e-commerce applets?

Tencent said in the live broadcast of the WeChat Open Class Mini Program in 2020 that since 2020, Tencent has relied on the WeChat ecosystem to accelerate the layout of social e-commerce and new retail, and user traffic has been sinking and scattered from traditional e-commerce to diversified social e-commerce scenarios. .

And Mini Programs Social e-commerce under “discovery” and “sharing” is accelerating to break the traffic barrier of traditional e-commerce shopping! So how to develop the social e-commerce mini program platform? How much does it cost to develop a social e-commerce applet? Let’s quickly use the editor to take us through it.

1. How to develop social e-commerce mini program channels?

The social e-commerce mini program is a WeChat mini program mall developed based on the basic framework of the WeChat mini program with traffic sharing and fission functions. It can realize sharing and promotion within the mini program and is equipped with a membership system and It has core marketing functions such as group flash sales and points storage, as well as management of basic product information and a series of services such as logistics and after-sales. So how to quickly create a social e-commerce applet? Search the keyword “social e-commerce mini program” in the “Quick Application Mini Program” template mall to retrieve many related mini program templates!

How should community e-commerce applets be developed?

2. Application of Social E-commerce Mini Program Platform Template

The Instant Application Mini Program Template Market has designed many e-commerce mini programs with social features for corporate merchants. Users only need to click “Use Now” to experience it online! After corporate merchants determine the template of the social e-commerce mini program, they need to experience the interaction of the mini program mall pages and functional modules one by one on the preview page of the social e-commerce mini program. For example, whether the mini program can be shared to WeChat with one click Detailed operations such as friends and circle of friends. Ensure that it can run normally after going online and give users a good service experience.

3. How much does it cost to develop a social e-commerce mini program channel?

To sum up, what is a reasonable price for a social e-commerce applet? There are two common pricing methods for social e-commerce mini programs:

1. Use the social e-commerce mini program template to generate it directly. The advantage is that the price is low, it can be done for a few thousand yuan, and it can be launched quickly. Such services are mostly provided by small program development companies that focus on “fast and beautiful”.

2. Small program skill-based service companies that take the customized development route mostly serve large-scale enterprises. Demanders have many creative ideas and requirements for small programs. The development cycle is relatively long and the cost is relatively expensive. The advantage is that customized mini programs have independent personalized UI interactive interfaces and system functions, are protected by intellectual property rights, form differentiated competitive advantages to the outside world, and can also display the characteristics of corporate services.

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