Mini program development company: Learn how to use Bluetooth for development in WeChat mini programs

Bluetooth technology plays an important role in today’s Internet of Things era, and WeChat applet, as a very popular application form, also provides support for Bluetooth development.

Professional Mini program development company Lanchang InformationTechnology will introduce to you how to develop Bluetooth in the WeChat applet and help you get started quickly.

Step 1: Understand the WeChat Mini Program Bluetooth API

The WeChat applet provides a series of Bluetooth APIs. You need to first understand the functions and usage of these APIs. By calling these APIs, you can implement device search, connection, data transmission and other functions.

Step 2: Initialize the Bluetooth adapter

Before you start using the Bluetooth function, you need to initialize the Bluetooth adapter. By calling the wx.openBluetoothAdapter() function, you can initialize the Bluetooth adapter and make related settings.

Mini program development company: Learn how to use Bluetooth for development in WeChat mini programs

Step 3: Search for Bluetooth devices

After initializing the Bluetooth adapter, you can use the wx.startBluetoothDevicesDiscovery() function to search for nearby Bluetooth devices. You can set some search parameters, such as search time, filter conditions, etc.

Step 4: Connect Bluetooth device

Once you find the Bluetooth device you want to connect to, you can use the wx.createBLEConnection() function to establish a connection with the device. After the connection is successfully established, you can obtain the connection status and related information through the callback function.

Step 5: Data Transfer

After the connection is successful, you can use the wx.writeBLECharacteristicValue() function to send data to the Bluetooth device, or use the wx.readBLECharacteristicValue() function to read data from the device. You can also set up data listeners to get data from your device in real time.

Step 6: Disconnect

After use, remember to disconnect from the Bluetooth device through the wx.closeBLEConnection() function to release resources.

Through the introduction of this article, you have learned how to develop Bluetooth in WeChat applet. This process includes steps such as initializing the Bluetooth adapter, searching for devices, establishing a connection, performing data transfer, and disconnecting. I hope this tutorial can help you get started quickly and successfully develop WeChat applet Bluetooth.

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