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Nowadays, many companies have launched online advertisements, such as WeChat Moments advertisements, Douyin advertisements, and Toutiao advertisements. When users click on the advertisement, they will enter the landing page. The content of the landing page cannot attract users and even some problems may occur. It is best to design the H5 landing page as well as possible.

New Mileage Technology, a professional H5 landing page production company, is here today to share with you the production of landing pages. If you need to design + produce a landing page, please contact our customer service.

WeChat, Douyin H5 Landing Page Production
Wechat, Douyin H5 Landing Page Production

Landing pages are important because:

The first page that the user jumps to after clicking the advertisement directly affects the visitor’s first impression of the company and its products, so this page must be designed as friendly and eye-catching as possible to increase the conversion rate

How to do a good job on landing pages such as Moments ads and Douyin ads?

1. The design of landing page content attracts customers

The design of the landing page layout is unified according to the style of the user group or company culture. One is to attract customers, and the other is to increase users’ sense of identity and trust in the enterprise. Because the main function of the advertising landing page is to achieve conversion, there must be a phone number, or form, consultation, etc. on the landing page.

2. Determine the user group and grasp the pain points of purchase

When we want to sell a product, we must determine the customer group, and then grasp the characteristics of the user group to arouse their desire to buy. For example, if you sell cosmetics, you must first make it clear that the main target of your cosmetics is students The party is still an office worker. The student party may value your cosmetics because they are relatively cost-effective. Office workers may value its functions, such as the effect on dark circles and fine lines.

3. Determine the subject content

There are many kinds of content expressions. Here we need to determine what type of content we want to describe on our landing page, whether it is product function or service experience.

Please contact our online customer service to update the relevant information about the production of WeChat and Douyin advertising landing pages

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