What should you pay attention to when developing WeChat mini programs?

Original title: What should you pay attention to when developing WeChat mini programs?

Many companies want to develop small programs, but they are not in the Internet industry, so they do not understand the development process. This will cause a lot of troubles during the development of small programs. The editor tells you that to do a good job in small program development, you must first do The positioning of a good mini program. Simply put, the positioning of a mini program is the attractiveness of the product to users. If a mini program is not attractive, then even if it is promoted, users will not use it a second time after using it once. Therefore, the positioning of mini programs is very important.

Regarding the positioning of WeChat mini programs, such as the bicycle sharing mini program, the positioning is to simply use the shared bicycle. You only need to scan the code to ride. Users do not need to download the app and can directly use the function. If the same effect can be achieved, It saves a lot of troublesome processes, which is a better solution for users. Enterprises should also consider this issue when developing WeChat mini programs.

What should you pay attention to when developing WeChat mini programs?

There is another point that needs to be paid attention to when developing WeChat mini programs, and that is the promotion of WeChat mini programs. This is very important. The editor tells you that if the mini program is not promoted after it is launched, there may not be too many users to use it, because Users do not know that this mini program exists, so companies must think clearly before development about how to operate and promote the mini program after it is launched. This is very important for later product operations.

Whether a product can be used by users for a long time depends on the management of user experience. They are also social communication software. WeChat appeared many years later than QQ, but now it has many more users than QQ. There are many reasons, such as The interface is simple and easy to use. This is the advantage brought by the user experience. Therefore, after the mini program is launched, the user experience should also be improved through user retention rate. You can also use some message systems to consult users about their usage experience, so as to Let the mini program be liked by more users.

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