Should physical stores build WeChat mini programs?

Should physical stores build WeChat mini programs? In fact, this is not a question that a physical store wants to ask. Regarding these aspects, the editor has compiled relevant information and will share it with you here. I hope it will be helpful to you. The content is for reference only.

Should physical stores build WeChat mini programs?
WeChat Mini Program

1. Problems encountered by physical stores

1. Limited customer flow: Traditional physical stores rely on nearby customer traffic to survive, but limited traffic makes it difficult to increase store sales.

2. The impact of e-commerce is huge: Nowadays, with the changes in shopping methods, e-commerce is spread across the entire network in various industries, and traditional physical stores are increasingly affected by e-commerce. Therefore, it is obviously not feasible for physical stores to only operate offline.

3. The stickiness is relatively low: after the customer has finished the consumption, the customer does not establish a connection with the customer again, the merchant has no awareness of protecting the user, there is no stickiness between the user and the merchant, and it is unknown whether the customer will enter the store again for consumption.

4. Increased costs: The operating costs of physical stores are very high. Labor and store rent are a large expense. However, when the income is not proportional to the fixed expenses, many physical stores will lose money. Therefore, How to attract new traffic is the top priority of a physical store.

2. Advantages of developing small programs

1. Nearby mini program: It is a function that comes with the mini program. After the mini program is opened, you can successfully reach users within 5 kilometers nearby through the nearby mini program, effectively reducing promotion costs.

2. No need to download, just use it and go: Mini programs can be used without downloading, seamlessly connecting WeChat’s 1.2 billion users, mini programs are about to change the online marketing market.

3. No need to be compatible with each platform: Mini programs can overcome the compatibility of major platforms to a large extent. They can be used by both enterprises and individuals, and the experience of mini programs will be better.

4. Have more exposure: Mini programs can be shared with friends, communities, Moments, etc., and can be promoted through multiple channels to create exposure and acquire more users.

5. More convenient and faster: As long as users search, they will leave traces. Searching will prove that there is demand, and they will become potential customers in the future. If users want to enter again, they do not need to search again. They can easily find it through the drop-down list and reach it faster. user.

In fact, there is no right or wrong for physical stores to run WeChat mini programs. The decision lies with the merchants themselves. However, mini programs can help physical stores solve some sales problems, open up online sales channels, and increase store sales.

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