New ways to customize mini programs

Why is mini program customization popular? This era pays more attention to customized services, because it can meet the relevant needs of users in a personalized way, so that more personal characteristics can be integrated into the actual services, and more advantages can be obtained when promoting mini programs. Therefore, many users are looking for mini program customization services, hoping to incorporate more special elements into mini programs.

The technical requirements for customizing the platform are relatively high, so the platforms that can provide this kind of service are relatively strong. For example, Shanghai Mini Program Production Company has been specialized in APP development and mini program development for 15 years in China. It is one of the best in the industry in making customized mini programs. platform, and there have been many successful cases, allowing users to have a clear reference direction when choosing a platform.

In fact, mini program customization is that simple. The premise is to find a platform that suits you. Only in this way can the entire customization process be more secure and you can better get satisfaction from the mini program. Because mini programs have become the mainstream method of promotion in the new era, major merchants and users have also had such needs.

New ways to customize mini programs

Frequently Asked Questions about Template Xiaochengxiao

1. There is no independent backend. One million people are logging in with different accounts at the company. Depending on the industry, the backend interface may be tweaked, but access is to a basic unified database.

2. It cannot be transplanted, this is fatal, you are not satisfied with the service of this company, you cannot get rid of it, because you do not have a separate database, so you move to another place, the shopping mall and the applet are incomplete and cannot run ——, unless it is re-developed, but you have spent a lot of energy uploading the company’s service categories and products, all of which have been destroyed, so many companies would rather bear the burden of humiliation and want to wait. To start over, they need A lot of courage.

3. Back-end development is the most important part of technology implementation and the most valuable part of the system.

As a powerful new ecological traffic entrance attached to WeChat, the video account has continued to enjoy the attention of the outside world since its launch. As a product of the times that is constantly being countered, the video account has frequently taken new measures. An important feature of the video account has been updated again. Its entrance has been added, and you can jump to the video account of the same subject that has completed the authentication through the mini program.

In fact, WeChat applet can also jump to video accounts before, but it needs to go through a jump path in the middle. With this function update, the mini program that has successfully set up the jump function can directly display the video account live broadcast interface, and at the same time realize click-to-enter. The video account related interface opened by the mini program in May can only be used by developers with corresponding development capabilities. Now the new function is more like a standardized product and more convenient.

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