WeChat Mini Program Promotion: What are the common WeChat Mini Program promotion channels and methods?

How to promote WeChat mini programs in Moments

WeChat mini program development can help physical merchants open up online channels and is no longer limited to the offline market. If merchants want to successfully attract traffic from WeChat, they still need to promote the mini program well so that the mini program can gain more exposure.

New Mileage Technology, a professional mini program development company, is here to talk to you: What are the common WeChat mini program promotion channels and methods?

WeChat Mini Program Promotion
WeChat Mini Program Promotion

1. Combination of official accounts and mini programs

Mini programs and public accounts are both products of Tencent, so traffic diversion is more convenient. Merchants can bind mini programs to official accounts and insert mini programs into the menu bar at the bottom of the official account or push articles to convert fans of the official account into consumers of the mini program mall, thereby converting and upgrading the original fans.

2. WeChat event promotion

Use the WeChat ecosystem to promote activities to the huge user group within WeChat. It can include both online and offline activities to share online and offline resources. You can get gifts online by entering the mall and placing orders, and you can get small gifts by following the mall offline, or you can introduce friends and encourage customers to follow the mini program mall to get free small gifts. These methods can help merchants gain a large number of fans and successfully build WeChat mini programs online. Mall construction and promotion.

3. Multiple marketing functions to stimulate orders

Mini program developers will develop various common marketing functions for users’ mini program malls, including full discounts, group buying, distribution systems, etc. Merchants can carry out various marketing activities in a timely manner, such as using discounts and low prices to stimulate customers to place orders; and You can use the group-buying function to attract old customers to invite new customers to join groups at a low price, creating a fan fission effect and helping to promote mini programs.

4. WeChat Mini Program Sharing Moments

It is not difficult to share the mini program in the circle of friends. Although the sharing function of the mini program cannot be used to forward it directly, the merchant can make a poster picture with the QR code of the mini program and then share the picture to the circle of friends to attract attention. The second is advertising in Moments, but the cost will be higher.

Summary: The promotion and traffic drainage methods of mini programs include but are not limited to the above four. In the actual operation and promotion process, merchants can conduct it through multiple channels and methods. Try to use the circle of friends mini program to share pictures, public accounts, online and offline Combining marketing and promotion through various methods such as combining WeChat activities to achieve better traffic diversion effects.

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