• Can Shanghai digital stores develop small programs to implement them?

    Can Chengdu digital stores develop small programs to implement them? In recent years, whether it is the catering market or the clothing market, the current operating situation is extremely difficult. After all, with the changes of the times, the double-layer changes in user behavior and market environment have made the operation model of traditional stores change. The “disadvantages” of the industry we are in are undoubtedly exposed, so many offline store merchants have begun to promote the implementation of “digitalization” faster. So, can they achieve implementation by choosing to develop…

  • How does blockchain help build distributed digital identities?

    How does blockchain help build distributed digital identities? The outbreak of the epidemic has affected the production and life of various industries in different ways. As the epidemic develops on a regular basis, people need to be prepared to coexist with the virus for a long time. So in the prevention and control of the epidemic, what role will blockchain development technology play and what role can it play? How does blockchain help build distributed digital identities? 1. Health code digitizes everyone In this “big test” of the national governance…

  • The central bank’s digital currency DCEP is about to be tested internally. What changes will happen to the blockchain landscape?

    The central bank’s digital currency DCEP is about to be tested internally. What changes will happen to the blockchain landscape In recent years, as blockchain technology has received widespread attention, my country’s development in blockchain technology research has also received great attention. As the central bank’s digital currency gradually “surfaces”. Recent reports on the central bank’s digital currency DCEP’s first batch of pilot work plans in China have also confirmed that the implementation of DCEP seems to have accelerated. Earlier, media reports speculated that due to the impact of this…

    Industry Analysis 2023-10-19
  • What are the uses of NFT technology in real life? What are the application scenarios?

    The NFT industry layout in overseas markets is complete and competition in the industry is fierce. NFT focuses on trading platforms and fashion social networking, and NFT collections, games, finance, etc. are developing simultaneously. In China, digital collections and corporate digital marketing are the main focus, and they are gradually beginning to experiment with digital people, games, etc. In addition, NFT application scenarios also include access authorization categories such as sports, cultural relics and history, music, and ticketing. 1. Collection Scarcity is an important attribute of collectibles. The immutability of…

  • What industries does blockchain technology involve in real-life applications?

    Industry application scenarios of blockchain technology Digital currency has developed rapidly in recent years. Due to the characteristics of decentralized credit and frequent transactions, it has a high transaction value and can maintain a relatively stable price through the development of hedging financial derivatives as a quasi-super-sovereign currency. So, in addition to digital currency applications represented by Bitcoin, what other industry applications does blockchain technology have: 1. Blockchain + Medical In the medical field, blockchain can use its anonymity, decentralization and other characteristics to protect patient privacy. Electronic health records…

  • Why is the current Internet not a metaverse? What are the problems?

    The Metaverse is a decentralized digital world where people can freely participate and live together with independent identities. The heated discussions on the Internet about immersive experience VR/AR are just some of the many interactive methods in the metaverse. Other interactive methods can also be mobile phones, computers, tablets, cars, etc., which seem ordinary and ordinary. thing. Let’s talk about why the current Internet is not a metaverse and what are the problems? It seems that we all have digital identities online, such as Weibo, WeChat, Zhihu accounts, etc., but…

  • NFT digital collections: six issues you must understand when playing with digital collections

    Some issues you must understand about NFT Overall, the supply of overseas NFT markets exceeds demand. The complete liberalization of the secondary market has led to the concentration of transaction volume on a few projects, and the sales popularity of specific NFT projects is different from that of their creators. There are strong uncertainties related to the popularity, project operation mechanism, event marketing and other factors. At the same time, digital collection trading platforms endorsed by domestic authorities have low product release frequency, low pricing, and have not opened the…

  • Blockchain Finance: What role does NFT play under the development opportunities of the digital economy?

    Before the emergence of cryptocurrency, we already had digital currencies (such as Q coins and coupons in games). Since the birth of the Internet, we have also had non-fungible digital assets. Domain names, tickets, in-game gear, and even names used on the network. They are all non-fungible digital assets. Many of them are very valuable. In the past few months, NFT has been “speculated” extremely hotly, and it has been at the forefront of the blockchain financial circle. What does the emergence of NFT represent during this time period? What…

  • Blockchain has inherent advantages in the financial field. Specific applications of blockchain technology in the financial field.

    At present, the most widespread and successful application of blockchain technology is the digital currency represented by Bitcoin. Digital currency has developed rapidly in recent years. Due to the characteristics of decentralized credit and frequent transactions, it has a high transaction circulation value and can maintain a relatively stable price by developing hedging financial derivatives as a quasi-super-sovereign currency. . Since the emergence of Bitcoin, several digital currencies have appeared one after another, and a relatively large industrial chain ecosystem has been formed around the generation, storage, and transactions of…

  • What are NFTs? What are the advantages of blockchain NFT digital collections?

    Speaking of the current Internet buzzword “blockchain”, we have to mention “NFT”. NFT is an emerging industry, and it all starts with the development and popularization of blockchain technology. If blockchain technology has not been recognized yet, I believe NFT will not become popular. What are NFTs? NFT (Non-fungible token), that is, non-fungible token. It relies on blockchain technology to confirm the rights of digital commodities such as digital artworks and digital tickets. After a digital product is encrypted through NFT means, it will have its own “digital certificate”. This…

  • What are digital collections? Metaverse is not equal to digital collections

    There are no specific statistics on the total transaction volume of domestic digital collection products in the art and game industries, but judging from the revenue of major players in the past year, this number may exceed expectations. In 2021, starting from the two payment code digital collection skins of “Dunhuang Feitian” and “Nine-Colored Deer”, Alibaba has issued more than 40 sets of digital collections through Whale Explorer, with a total circulation of about 3 million copies and sales of nearly 40 million. . We’ve already seen massive adoption of…

  • The development of NFT digital collections must find an NFT development company?

    NFT is a product of blockchain technology and belongs to a relatively new and high-tech industry. It has added a powerful guarantee to the blockchain, allowing more industries to enter, so it has also won the appetite of many industries today. However, the threshold for development is still relatively high. The development of NFT projects can only be done by NFT platform development companies. This statement is not an exaggeration at all. If an enterprise wants to develop an NFT art trading platform, it must find a professional NFT platform…

  • It is very important to choose the right data storage platform, how to choose?

    The digital platform objectively reflects the prosperity of the digital Tibetan industry. Now is not the best time to enter the game, but you must know that digital collections are a new thing, and it is better to know it first than later. However, there are currently many exchanges emerging on the market, which will significantly increase the risk index that players who join in the future will have to bear. Therefore, choosing the right data collection platform becomes crucial. Which data collection platforms can be considered? 1. Background and…

  • The value of digital wallet system, and the meaning and characteristics of decentralized wallet?

    What is the value of the NFT digital wallet system? 1. Can be treated as property. What we call wallet management is money management. The wallet system is equivalent to Yu’e Bao in Alipay. Under the interaction of the Internet, customers can directly complete operations such as transfer and collection. 2. Bypassing the third party, we may all encounter such a problem, that is, when the data of Ethereum and Bitcoin reach a certain online level, it will be very troublesome for the wallet to connect to the exchange. If…

  • Introduction to common NFT projects and platforms

    Recently, I heard some friends talking about how NFT technology will subvert the field of art collection, and then I asked them how to subvert it, but no one could explain clearly. I can’t help but ask those friends, when a thing that you don’t even want to understand, just follow others’ advice to subvert this and subvert that, in the end it’s a waste of your own time in these slogans and reduces the space for your own independent thinking. The following are some of our common someNFT project…