What framework is used for WeChat development

WeChat development can use a variety of frameworks, including but not limited to the following:

What framework is used for WeChat development

1. Development framework officially provided by WeChat: including WeChat public platform development, mini program development, WeChat payment development, etc. WeChat officially provides complete documentation and SDK, and developers can choose different development methods and interface calls according to their own needs.

What framework is used for WeChat development

2. Front-end framework: such as Vue, React, etc., which can be used to develop WeChat applets, H5 pages, etc. These frameworks provide a complete component library and state management mechanism, which can greatly improve development efficiency and code quality.

3. Back-end framework: such as Spring Boot, Express, etc., which can be used to develop WeChat official account background, enterprise WeChat applications, etc. These frameworks provide comprehensive routing, template engine, ORM and other functions, which can greatly simplify the back-end development process.

4. WeChat Open Platform SDK: It can be used to develop third-party applications and official account plug-ins, etc. These SDKs provide comprehensive authorization, message push, payment and other functions, which can greatly reduce the development threshold and cost.

In summary, WeChat development can choose different frameworks and technologies according to needs, but it should be noted that the official development framework and SDK provided by WeChat are the most basic and most important, and we must make full use of official documents and communities resources, to avoid repeated wheel creation and inefficient development. At the same time, it is necessary to select a suitable front-end and back-end framework according to the specific situation to improve development efficiency and code quality.

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