What are digital collections? Metaverse is not equal to digital collections

There are no specific statistics on the total transaction volume of domestic digital collection products in the art and game industries, but judging from the revenue of major players in the past year, this number may exceed expectations. In 2021, starting from the two payment code digital collection skins of “Dunhuang Feitian” and “Nine-Colored Deer”, Alibaba has issued more than 40 sets of digital collections through Whale Explorer, with a total circulation of about 3 million copies and sales of nearly 40 million. .

We’ve already seen massive adoption of digital collections in the art, gaming and digital collection spaces.

What are digital collections? Metaverse is not equal to digital collections
Digital Collection

Artists have found an audience willing to invest in unique digital artworks, not only for the work itself, but also for the potential future growth in “digital collection” value.

Digital collectible tokens contain all details such as date of origin and ownership history, as well as information about the artist and asset value. While digital collections of certain artworks have been sold for high prices, the digital collection itself is a limited license. For example, the owner of the digital collection can only display the artwork or make limited use of it because the digital collection transfer does not convey the underlying artwork. physical copy.

The Metaverse is not equal to digital collections

Digital collections are only a part of the metaverse. If the metaverse is compared to a store, then digital collections are a product in the store and an important part of the metaverse. So before the arrival of the metaverse, digital collections. Digital collections are the most important part of WEB3.

What are digital collections?

It is to digitize real things through blockchain technology. For example, a work created by an artist is converted into a digital collection and accompanied by a unique digital certificate, which is called a real collection.

The digital collection platform has a process for transactions. First of all, the digital collections on most platforms are issued in limited quantities. You cannot get the issuance price without grabbing them. In order to attract users to participate in airdrops, the platform will limit a part of the collection to be free or very low. The cost is distributed to participants. In order to activate the market, the platform releases limited edition blind boxes. When we rush to buy the blind boxes, we don’t know what kind of collection is inside. It can arouse the curiosity of users, and the gameplay is more exciting and attractive. More for getting involved.

For example: Yuanhua Shuzang SaaS has rich and diverse digital collection system functions. It not only supports the transaction and transfer operation of digital collections and meets the current design and investment requirements, but also supports the confirmation and existence of copyrights, and supports ownership sales and selection. Purchase, provide blind box, bidding and other promotional tools, which can meet the requirements of users to the greatest extent.

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