Blockchain Finance: What role does NFT play under the development opportunities of the digital economy?

Before the emergence of cryptocurrency, we already had digital currencies (such as Q coins and coupons in games).

Since the birth of the Internet, we have also had non-fungible digital assets. Domain names, tickets, in-game gear, and even names used on the network. They are all non-fungible digital assets. Many of them are very valuable.

Blockchain Finance: What role does NFT play under the development opportunities of the digital economy?
Blockchain Finance

In the past few months, NFT has been “speculated” extremely hotly, and it has been at the forefront of the blockchain financial circle.

What does the emergence of NFT represent during this time period? What important development opportunities will it bring to the future chain or digital economy? What role will NFT play?

NFT refers to Non-Fungible Token, which as a digital asset has the characteristics of being indivisible, irreplaceable and unique.

NFT circulates on the blockchain. Users buy and sell NFT mainly through various cryptocurrencies for payment and receipt, and they are usually encoded using the same underlying software as cryptocurrencies, such as ERC721 , ERC1155.

NFT is like “Taobao” in the metaverse. Its role is not only to further improve the mechanism of cryptocurrency, but also to enable artists or content creators to realize the realization of digital assets. This means that creators can put their works on the chain, and then sell their works to all over the world on the platform through NFT. It is an advanced version of “cross-border e-commerce mall”.

It is inevitable that the industry will move toward digital development in the future. The emergence of NFT has brought about new changes in art communication. When the NFT platform was developed and launched to the outside world, the digital artwork above It can be visited and traded by users of the entire platform. In this process, it seems that only simple transactions of digital assets have occurred, but in fact, the artworks also bring the cultures of various countries to the platform and spread through NFT.

The development of NFT development is one of the key points in the future. Its emergence will not only promote the digital economy, but also an “international stage” for us to promote Chinese culture. ”, but today’s NFT trading mechanism still lacks supervision, which will be the core problem in solving the development of NFT.

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