Under what circumstances is it suitable to find an outsourcing company for developing APP software, and under what circumstances is it suitable to build a self-built team?

With the advancement of mobile Internet technology, many small and medium-sized enterprises plan to develop their own APP software.

Then, the premise of development, many people will encounter a problem, that is, whether to find an outsourcing company or a self-built team for the development of APP.

Under what circumstances is it suitable to find an outsourcing company for developing APP software, and under what circumstances is it suitable to build a self-built team?
Develop APP software

Next, analyze the specific situation in detail. What kind of situation is suitable for finding an outsourcing company, and what kind of situation is suitable for building a self-built team?

1. Check the launch time of the APP software project

If your project is not in a hurry to go online and the time is not in a hurry, you can slowly recruit interviews from product managers, UI designers, development engineers to test engineers, and form a development team with good skills, experience, and relatively stable, and strive to be refined and perfect. Polish this product.

However, if your project has a tight launch time and will be launched in two or three months, and you have no time or experience to recruit technical personnel and team integration, then an APP outsourcing company is very suitable for you.

2. Look at the costbudget

If your budget is sufficient, can maintain the entire product life cycle, can also afford the cost of team formation without causing pressure on operations, and can bear the waste of resource costs during later maintenance, it is more reliable to form a team by yourself. O&M and iterative upgrades will be more convenient.

However, if your start-up capital is limited and human resources are insufficient, it is recommended that you give priority to finding a reliable APP outsourcing company. It is best to have a case similar to your needs, especially a matching finished software. Because the finished software is very suitable for entrepreneurial companies, not only the initial investment cost is low, the time period is short, the framework is mature, and the business model has also passed the test of the market.

3. Look at the team situation

If your company itself is a technology-based company with rich experience in project management, can easily form a project development team or has the technical strength to develop projects handy, then forming your own development team is your first choice.

But if your company is full of operational talents who don’t understand technology at all, or a business-oriented company where sales are the main force and technology is only an auxiliary, it is very difficult to build a team from scratch.

In addition, you may not have the extra energy to manage the development team well, and your funds may not be able to support the high cost of self-built teams, so it is recommended to choose an APP outsourcing company.

4. Check the maintenance frequency

If the market and user needs of your company or product change frequently, and you expect that the content, new functions, or system upgrades will be frequently changed after the APP is developed (such as modifying the requirements in one week and adding a new function in two to three weeks), then Building a development team by yourself is the preferred choice.

However, if your app does not need to be changed frequently during the development process or after it goes online, it may only be slightly adjusted in a month or two, and it is usually just basic daily maintenance and updates, it is more suitable to find an outsourcing company.

The above is the content sharing, I hope this article is helpful to you!

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