Is it better for companies to develop APPs? Or is it better to develop small programs?

Is it better for companies to develop APPs? Or is it better to develop small programs?

With the development of the times, the Internet has entered people’s daily lives, and the Internet has become a territory that many companies must occupy; for companies, it is to choose APP It is very difficult to decide whether to develop or develop small programs. After all, APPs or small programs each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

So, should companies choose to develop APPs or small programs? We can make a comprehensive analysis from the following aspects before making a choice.

1. Target group

Mini program: Mini program can only be used in WeChat, so it is only limited to WeChat users and is limited to users of mini programs. Target users; WeChat currently has more than 1.2 billion users, and mini programs are an emerging market, and there is still a lot of room for development.

APP: Today’s APP is open to all users who use smartphones, so the user base is vast; currently there are more than 1.3 billion mobile phone users, and the APP field is very Mature, no matter what industry it is covered.

2. Function section

Mini program: Mini program relies on WeChat for survival. Without WeChat, mini program cannot be used; The carrying capacity is not as good as that of the APP, and it can only provide some simple functions; but the small program does not require downloading and installation and does not occupy the memory of the mobile phone.

APP: All functions of the APP are very complete. After all, the development time has been long enough, the scalability is also very strong, and the services for users are also more complete; In the APP, many functions of the APP can be used arbitrarily. As long as the enterprise’s development team is professional enough, many functions can be realized very easily.

Is it better for a company to develop an APP? Or a small program?

3. Development cycle

From the perspective of development cycle, small programs have an absolute advantage.

Mini program: Because it relies on the WeChat mini program, the development cycle is very short and usually only takes about two weeks to complete.

APP: The development cycle of APP is relatively long, ranging from two to three months to half a year or even one year; and the APP must also consider compatibility. The problem is that different operating systems have different versions.

Is it better for a company to develop an APP? Or a small program?

4. Development effect

Mini program: Mini program relies on WeChat to survive, and WeChat is a very large ecosystem. Therefore, for mini program, you can use WeChat’s social circle to promote it. It is relatively convenient to use.

APP: APP is an independent ecosystem, and its promotion effect is very weak compared to mini programs, and mini programs are also more troublesome to use.

5. User experience

Mini program: Mini program relies on WeChat to survive. Therefore, whether it is interface design, page switching or functional requirements, It is very normal for the same situation to occur, which makes it difficult to form its own characteristics and is very unattractive to users.

APP: APP has an absolute advantage in user experience, whether it is page loading speed, product popularity, or the interface is not good-looking, the portraits of people are not good-looking, and the enterprise All can be adjusted by professional technicians.

Is it better for a company to develop an APP? Or a small program?

6. User stickiness

Mini program: The user stickiness of mini programs is relatively low. After all, if the mini program has not been used for a long time, it needs to be searched specifically. Just fine.

APP: The user stickiness of APP is relatively high. After all, for APP, unless the user uninstalls it, it will remain on the mobile phone interface. When the user It is possible to open the knife and use it by opening the phone.

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