How to develop WeChat Mini Programs by yourself

WeChat applet is a lightweight application that can be used directly within WeChat without downloading and installing. It has the advantages of fast startup, simple interface, and strong interactivity, so it has been widely welcomed. If you want to develop a WeChat Mini Program by yourself, you can follow the steps below.

How to develop WeChat Mini Programs by yourself

1. Register a developer account

Register a developer account on the WeChat public platform and perform real-name authentication. Authentication needs to provide information such as ID card photo, mobile phone number, etc. After completion, the development authority of the mini program can be opened.

2. Create a small program

Log in to the WeChat public platform, enter the Mini Program management background, click Create Mini Program, and fill in the Mini Program name, AppID, category and other information. The AppID of an applet is a unique identifier that needs to be used during the development process.

3. Download development tools

The WeChat Mini Program provides a development tool that can be used for writing code, previewing effects, uploading code, etc. Download and install the development tool on the official website, and log in.

4. Write code

After using the development tools to create a Mini Program project, you can start writing code. WeChat applets use front-end technologies similar to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Developers need to master these skills and write corresponding codes according to requirements.

5. Debug preview

After writing the code, you can preview it in the development tool. The development tool provides a variety of preview modes, which can preview the effect on different resolutions and different models, so that developers can debug.

6. Upload and release

After the debugging and preview are completed, the code can be uploaded to the WeChat server for review and release. The review of WeChat Mini Programs is relatively strict, and it needs to meet certain norms and requirements, and abide by relevant laws and regulations.

7. Maintenance update

After the applet is released, it needs to be maintained and updated. Developers need to fix bugs, update functions, optimize performance, etc. in time to improve user experience.

In short, developing WeChat Mini Programs yourself requires mastering certain front-end technologies and understanding the specifications and requirements of WeChat Mini Programs. During the development process, continuous debugging and optimization are required to improve the quality and user experience of the Mini Program.

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