Development mode: Several modes and differences of APP development

For many small and medium-sized enterprises, if they want to develop an app, most of their choices are to find outsourcing companies for assistance. After all, it takes a lot of time, manpower, and money to set up a team to develop it. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is difficult to build it by themselves. The cost of the team is too high, and the technical threshold for app development is actually very high. If you have a specialization in the industry, finding an outsourcing company to develop it is not only more professional, but also more cost-effective.

With the rapid development of mobile Internet and the popularity of smartphones, APPs have been used more and more frequently. So how are APPs developed? Let me introduce to you several modes and differences of APP development.

Development mode: Several modes and differences of APP development
APP development

There are currently three main development models on the market:

1. Native APP development

Native APP development is the use of officially provided development languages, development libraries, and development tools for App development on mobile platforms such as Android and IOS. It is highly scalable and requires users to download, install and use it. It is the most commonly used and mature APP development method on the market, but it has high cost and long cycle. Generally, Apple and Android need to develop a version separately, so small companies generally do not have the ability to develop natively.

2. Web APP (HTML5) development

Web APP development refers to apps written in H5 language and does not require downloading and installation. Similar to what is now called light application. It is an application that lives in the browser. It can basically be said to be a touch-screen version of a web application. They are developed in common web development languages ​​and can run on various smartphone browsers.

Web App development is a framework APP development model (H5 APP framework development model). This development has the advantage of cross-platform. This model usually consists of two parts: “H5 cloud website” + “APP application client”. APP application The client only needs to install the framework part of the application, and the application data is retrieved from the cloud and presented to the mobile phone user every time the APP is opened. HTML5 applications use standard web technologies, typically HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.

This write-once, run-anywhere approach to mobile development builds cross-platform mobile apps that run on multiple devices. But there are still some significant limitations, including session management, secure offline storage, and access to native device features (camera, calendar, geolocation, etc.).

3. Mixed (native+HTML5)

Hybrid APP development (native + HTML5) refers to a hybrid application that uses native and H5 development technologies in order to improve efficiency and save costs when developing an App product.

Hybrid applications allow developers to embed H5 applications into a thin native container, combining the advantages of native applications and H5 applications.

As we all know, hybrid applications are a combination of native applications and web applications. They use part of the native application and part of the web application, so part of it runs on the device and part of it runs on the web. However, the proportions in hybrid applications are very free, such as 90% Web and 10% native; or 50% each.

The hybrid APP development effect is slightly better than that of H5, but if the effect is close to the original one, it will need continuous optimization and revision, and the cost will be relatively high. If the web page and system are not optimized and simply put together, the effect will be the same as that of H5 plus The shell is almost done.

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