What are the functions of smart rental APP development?

For most friends, when they first started working, they did not have sufficient funds, so they were under pressure to rent a house by depositing two and paying one. If a stress-free rental method can be implemented, the pain points of these users can be solved and convenient rental services can be provided.

What are the functions of smart rental APP development?
Smart Rental APP

What are the functions of smart rental APP development?

1. Registration and login: Users have their own account through account registration, and then use the account to provide rental services. You can register a new account through your mobile phone number, or you can log in through authorization from a third-party platform, such as WeChat, QQ, Weibo, etc.

2. House search: Users can search for houses to rent through nearby houses, or use the filtering function to filter their favorite houses based on conditions. Help users quickly find a suitable house for themselves.

3. Rent a house without deposit: By authorizing Zhima Credit points, users can rent a house without deposit. If the user’s credit score is too low, of course, they cannot rent a house without stress.

4. Rental contract signing: The rental agreement can be signed through the APP. If the user agrees to the rental agreement, the rent will be paid.

5. Rent payment: Pay the first month’s rent through the APP. Later rents can be transferred through the APP or face-to-face with the landlord.

6. Nearby business districts: Provide users with information about nearby business districts, where users can learn about the surrounding living environment.

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