What aspects should be considered when choosing a software outsourcing company?

In the construction of enterprise informatization, with the further integration of IT and business, IT has become an important force to promote business transformation and management change.

The software products purchased by many enterprises more than 10 years ago can no longer adapt to the ever-changing business needs, and need to be customized and developed according to the enterprise’s own business model to facilitate enterprise development and business transformation.

Traditional enterprises usually do not have a professional software development team, and the cost of setting up an IT team is relatively high. Subsequent maintenance of IT personnel also requires a lot of manpower, financial resources and energy. The most economical choice is to choose a reliable software company to outsource the project and focus on business improvement.

What aspects should be considered when choosing a software outsourcing company?
Software outsourcing company

How to choose a reliable software outsourcing company? What aspects should be considered?

The technical strength of the software company

The first thing to understand is the situation of the company’s developers, such as the distribution of technology and the application of new technologies. Pay attention to the working life of the developers. Some outsourcing companies will recruit some relatively junior developers, and the development team will be led by more experienced personnel. Once the leader fails to pay attention, problems may occur. Therefore, we should try our best to choose an outsourcing team with rich overall development experience and be able to deal with various emergencies.

Past cooperation customers and cases

Generally, the management of large companies is more standardized, and the requirements are relatively high. If the outsourcing company has a case of cooperation with a well-known company, its technical ability is usually not bad. If you have experience in cooperation with multinational companies or European and American customers, the technology you usually use is relatively advanced. Although there may not be exactly the same requirements for software customization development, through comparison with previous cases, select cooperation with a relatively high degree of experience matching to avoid too many detours.

In-depth understanding of customer needs

If the customer’s needs cannot be deeply understood, the developed software will easily deviate, and even cannot be applied to the actual business, resulting in unnecessary waste. Therefore, the software outsourcing team needs to go deep into the front line to understand the actual needs of customers. The initial requirements put forward by customers, even the “clear requirements” that they thought they had already thought about, are generally not up to the level that developers can directly implement, no matter in content or form, to help customers sort out and dig out the real The needs of customers, to solve customer problems, this is the real value of demand analysis.

Transparency of cooperation

Most first-time customers, especially those who are not very technically savvy, find it difficult to establish a complete trust relationship with the outsourcing team at the initial stage of cooperation. If the outsourcing team can actively communicate and provide timely feedback during the cooperation process, the problems And the progress of development is completely transparent to customers, which will eliminate many communication barriers and gradually build a relationship of trust.

Stability of the team

The stability of the team can be roughly understood through the time when the software development company was established, the completed projects, the company culture and atmosphere, and the salary of the developers. If the development team frequently changes project personnel, problems may arise during project handover and knowledge transfer, resulting in the possibility of project failure.

Cooperative development model

Most of the customers have relatively high requirements on the timeliness of the project, adopt the agile development mode, and the success rate of the incremental mode of rapid iteration is relatively high. Starting from the core functions, quickly submit the minimum available version within two or three weeks; and continue to develop and improve, and constantly present more functions for customer experience. Avoid waiting until the final delivery to find out the problem, which is time-consuming, laborious and expensive.

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