Online booking system

Online booking system

Online booking and check-in solution

Online Booking Solution

Mini Program Online Reservation System H5 Online Reservation System

We have mature online booking system products and solutions: appointment creation, channel analysis, event booking, mobile phone number SMS verification, WeChat payment, event notification, scan code sign-in, CRM system docking, background reports, browsing data analysis statistics, etc. One-stop service

Online reservations are more flexible

Merchants can choose between paid and free booking modes to create activities flexibly.

Booking + payment + check-in should be made for conference reservations, catering reservations, hospital reservations, business reservations, venue reservations, training reservations, service reservations, etc. The data can be synchronized with the merchant’s CRM system, and SMS and template message notifications are more convenient

Online booking system

Introduction to reservation system functions

● Event Creation

The management backend facilitates the creation of: reservation sessions, meeting time, meeting period, meeting number, reservation number limit, reservation fee

Payment mode setting: You can set whether to pay to register for any event. If you choose the payment mode, you can set the specific fee. The user enters WeChat payment, and the reservation is successful after the payment is successful.

Online booking system

● Reservation activity management

It is convenient to check the reservation status of the event you started in real time, modify the event information, the upper limit of the number of people, and cancel the event

Online booking system

● Reservation user information management query

It is convenient to query the detailed information list of reservation users in real time. The powerful activity filtering and user query functions allow you to conveniently check each user’s information in real time. The one-click download function allows you to export Excel reports at any time.

Online booking system

● Scan the QR code to sign in

Users can scan the QR code to sign in after arriving. The sign-in time period can be customized. For example, from 60 minutes before the start of the meeting to 60 minutes after the start of the meeting, the user can scan the QR code to sign in.

Humanized backend manual sign-in function: suitable for turning off QR code sign-in under special circumstances, such as attending a meeting too early or attending a meeting too late.

Online booking system

● Sign-in user management

It is convenient to query the detailed information of the sign-in users in real time. The powerful activity filtering and user query functions allow you to conveniently check the sign-in information of each user in real time.

Online booking system

● User refund review

If the user is unable to participate in the event as scheduled due to special circumstances, the user can apply for a refund on their own and attach the reason for the refund. After the administrator’s backend review is approved, the refund can be made via WeChat payment.

Online booking system

● Multi-channel event booking notification push function

For notifications of successful bookings, reminders to attend before events, and successful check-in notifications, SMS reminders and template message reminders can be accessed.

Online booking system

● Multi-dimensional statistical reports and channel analysis functions

It has a built-in channel report function that can generate multi-channel access QR codes and count access data from various channels. It can also be connected to a variety of third-party statistical tools for traffic monitoring, advertising monitoring, QR code statistics, scene analysis, etc.

Online booking system

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