APP development preparation materials and solutions

1. What information is needed to develop an APP?

APP development preparation materials and solutions
APP development

1. Business license (used to apply for corporate payment, domain name registration, and software listing application)

2. Mobile phone number (used to apply for various platform accounts and certification)

3. Email (users receive emails when applying for authentication)

4. Server (used for system cloud storage space)

5. SMS (used by the platform to send SMS verification codes)

6. Domain name: The access address of the software and the domain name need to be registered. Required information: (business license, legal person information, email address, mobile phone number)

7. Corporate payment: used for online collection, commonly used corporate Alipay, WeChat corporate payment, opening online collection function interface, corporate Alipay official free, WeChat corporate payment, official certification fee 300

8. Third-party instant chat SDK; commonly used in social software, mainly used for online conversation chat, live broadcast room chat, chat software, and customer service chat. Common three-party instant chat platforms: Huanxin, NetEase Yunxin, Rongyun, Yun Communication, monthly fees. There are also free ones; such as: Aurora, unstable, and poor experience. You can also develop the chat area yourself, but the cost is relatively high.

9. Third-party live broadcast SDK: used for voice live broadcast, video live broadcast, push and pull streaming. Charged according to traffic, common three-party live broadcast platforms: Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, NetEase Cloud, Qiniu Cloud, Kingsoft Cloud, and Shengwang.

2. Does the APP require ICP registration?

Paid APPs need to apply for an ICP license:

First, if your APP has a charging function, whether it is publishing information or making purchases on the APP, you must apply for an ICP license. The ICP license is issued by the local provincial communications bureau. There is another saying: Apply at the China Electronic Information Services Association. I would like to remind everyone that we have conducted a special assessment on this issue. The so-called China Electronic Information Services Association is not a national organization at all, so do not listen to rumors to avoid delays in getting your ICP normally. license time, which delays the operation of your APP.

Video apps require an online audio-visual license and a radio and television program production and operation license.

Secondly, if your website is about video, you need to apply for an online audio-visual license. This certificate is very difficult to apply for. You must have 51% state-owned shares to apply for it. In addition to this qualification, you also need to apply for a radio and television license. Program production and operation license.

Apps that accept text messages need to apply for a SP license:

Third, if your APP has text messages to accept verification codes, or text messages to change passwords, text message login, etc. that involve text message services, you need to apply for an SP license. SP licenses can be divided into full network and local network. If you only do For business within the province, you can apply for a ground network SP license at the local communications bureau. For nationwide business, you need to apply for a full network SP license from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Medical information consultation APPs need to apply for an Internet medical information service license:

Fourth, there is also a kind of medical consultation, which requires an Internet medical information service license.

Websites related to game operation need to apply for a web license:

Fifth, for game types, or cultural activities and cultural products, you need to apply for a literary network license, game operation registration, etc.

3. APP online review time

1. Apple iOS App Store review: The review usually takes about a week, so if the company has a plan or is in a hurry to launch the APP, the development and testing phase needs to be completed half a month in advance, which is mostly reserved for the review of the APP launch. some time.

2. Android app store review: much faster than the Apple system, mostly about 3 days.

Note: There are so many Android markets, which one should you choose? First of all, if the APP does not plan to cooperate with a certain platform, then choose a mainstream domestic platform to launch it, such as Android Market, Anzhi Market or Wandouya. This option has more options.

4. Apply to become a developer information

1. The company’s developers need to upload a scanned copy of the business license that has passed the annual inspection

2. Individual developers need to upload scanned copies of the front and back of their valid ID cards.

3. All uploaded certification materials must be authentic and valid and cannot be photoshopped.

4. The developer needs to provide a contact person, and his contact number will be used as a way for the mobile application market to contact the developer. It must be real, valid and available.

5. Things to note when uploading APP project data

1. The APP name, text introduction part and software screenshots must not comply with or violate relevant national regulations.

2. The URL left in the software text introduction must be a link related to the APP or the APP developer, and other irrelevant links are prohibited.

3. The APP icon and screenshot must be from the uploaded APP, and the picture must be clear and consistent with the current version.

6. Issues that must be paid attention to during the APP release process

1. The APP must be able to be installed, operated and uninstalled normally. Ensure users have a good experience

2. Plagiarism is not allowed. Infringement will not be approved and will be taken offline immediately even if it is online.

3. Do not violate relevant national rules

4. If there are charging items in the APP, there must be instructions to remind users.

5. If the APP contains built-in software development tools, it cannot contain information that violates relevant national regulations.

7. APP online release

1. APP application store release

2. Released on mainstream Android market

3. Release of APP download page

4. Generate QR code

5. APP application manual

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