Functions developed by the venue reservation applet

Original title: Functions developed by the venue reservation applet

The craze for national fitness has made my country’s sports industry flourish. Nowadays, people prefer to play sports in professional settings, such as badminton, basketball, football, swimming, etc.

The large number of people and the lack of land make it difficult to find a seat in sports venues during the peak sports season. The development of small programs for booking sports venues can effectively solve the problem of people having difficulty booking sports venues.

Function of field reservation applet development

1. Venue classification search

In order to better integrate these service resources, if, like a food ordering platform, the resources of venue services are integrated through mini programs, it will be more convenient for people to search for resources directly online.

2. Venue booking service

The venue booking service means that users use the mini program to book venues online and directly book the time of use and venue, and pay the fees. In this way, the resource arrangement of sports venues will be more balanced and the venues can be more fully utilized.

3. Sports product mall

When people are exercising, they also consume some sports products, such as the purchase of some sports equipment, such as badminton rackets, badminton or other sports items. By introducing the mall in the mini program, it is to provide better services. For users’ consumption and use, create a comprehensive sports consumption platform.

4. Sports communication circle

The sports communication circle allows more sports enthusiasts with common interests and hobbies to share sports-related things online through the mini program. You can also find more sports enthusiasts, communicate about sports, and increase your sports interest.

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