Mini program fission gameplay development: several ways to play the “mini program + fission” gameplay

Concepts such as group-building and sharing economy that are common in mini-programs have already been around in the early days of the Internet era. However, due to the limitations of the times, no complete business model has been formed.

With the advent of the mobile Internet era, WeChat has become popular. “Mini program + fission” has activated the enthusiasm of the majority of entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry. Today we will talk about how to develop mini program fission: several methods of “mini program + fission”

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Mini program fission gameplay
What are the common mini program fission gameplays?

1. Mini Program Fission Coupon

Sharing random coupons is to instruct users to share a link after they complete an order, and everyone who clicks can get a “random” amount of coupons.
This fission evolved from the logic of new fission in the old belt.

2. Mini program pure sharing fission

This type of fission is the original fission. Users who want to obtain more rights and interests in a certain product need to complete it through sharing.
This fission method only considers the sharing intention of basic users, but does not consider the intention of new users; a common way is to benefit from the sharing of small programs.

3. Mini program bargaining and fission

Bargaining fission has achieved a very strong fission effect by using WeChat as a carrier: users purchase a product and can get a discount if they can ask their friends to help negotiate the price.
The results of this fission are very good: shopping users are very keen to find relatives and friends to help negotiate prices, but for users who help bargaining, they may not attach much importance to them – they often just leave after bargaining. .

4. The fission of small program group buying

The form of group buying fission is: allowing users to buy in groups to obtain lower preferential prices. This kind of fission can not only promote a high sharing rate, but also meet the high conversion volume. Users who purchase products expect to get better prices, so they enthusiastically invite friends to buy in groups. New users who find that group purchases can get discounts will also be happy to organize group purchases.

5. Mini program shows off fission

In utility mini-programs, common channels for showing off fission include posting bills and showing processes. In mini games, it is important to stimulate the user’s display psychology, such as scoring and collecting props.
The important goal is: users hope to create an unusual image through this behavior, thereby achieving a sense of vanity.

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