Features of real estate mini program development

Original title: Functions of Property Mini Program Development

Property management is closely related to each of our lives. Whether we rent a house or buy a house, we need to pay property fees every quarter, and property companies also provide users with a variety of services, whether it is a community or a house. Shops and office buildings are all property management companies. Now WeChat mini programs are developing very well. Many property companies are not sure whether this industry is suitable for mini programs. What are the functions of developing a property mini program?

Function of Property Mini Program Development

Functions of property mini program:

1. Information display

After completing the owner’s account, the property company can publish various notification information in the mini program, such as greening notices, rectification notices, community activities and other information to let the owners know the community trends at the first time.

2. Online communication

The owner can communicate with the property owner at any time, such as forgetting to bring the access key when going out today or seeing a stray cat in need of rescue. This can not only speed up the problem solving, but also increase the owner’s response to the problem. Favorability of the property.

3. Online payment

Owners no longer need to go to the property management office to pay fees. Users can pay directly through the property management applet, including parking fees, property fees, water and electricity bills, garbage fees, gas fees, etc. , the payment bill is clearly visible.

4. Service repair

Property management sets warranty types in the background, such as sewer warranty, elevator repair, circuit warranty, etc. You can choose on WeChat, fill in the repair content and submit it. In case of emergency, you can use one-click dialing to notify the property management and carry out emergency repairs.

5. WeChat access control

After the owner is successfully bound through community verification, the property applet will store the owner’s information in the database. When the owner enters the community gate, he only needs to scan the QR code with his mobile phone WeChat Use the QR code or mini program code to unlock the door.

The development of property mini-programs has provided us with so many services, brought us convenience, and developed so many functions to make our lives develop intelligently.

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