Is small program development that easy to use?

Original title: Is mini program development so easy to use?

Nowadays, mini programs have been integrated into people’s lives. With the boom in mini program development, the types of mini programs have become more and more abundant, which has also had a considerable impact on people’s lives. Is small program development that easy to use? Let’s take a look at the changes that small programs have brought to people.

Is small program development so easy to use?

1. Integrate into life and easy to use

Mini program production has diverse functions. Take the catering industry mini program as an example. The mini program has the function of online reservation and ordering. In the past, people who wanted to make a reservation at a restaurant had to call the restaurant, pay a certain deposit, and confirm the number of people and date. However, not everyone could find the restaurant’s phone number, so there would be some trouble. Through the small program in the catering industry, people can purchase coupons and book seats online. They only need to use them within a period of time. If they expire, the system can automatically return them. Users do not need to call the restaurant, they only need to search the mini program to make a reservation directly online.

Is small program development so easy to use?

2. There are many entrances and a large user base

As we all know, WeChat, as a large social platform, has a strong user base. According to incomplete statistics, the number of WeChat users has reached 900 million. Mini programs rely on the WeChat platform and have diverse entrances. Multiple terminals are connected, and users can jump freely within the application. Mini programs have the advantages of both APPs and WeChat official accounts. They do not require downloading and registration, have low development costs, low thresholds, smooth page experience, and are easy for social sharing. Operation platforms have classified and refined the traffic entrances of mini programs to varying degrees based on users’ behavioral habits and platform advantages. For example, WeChat mini programs have strong social relationships. Therefore, mini programs can expand their influence and increase the number of users through sharing in their circle of friends.

Is small program development so easy to use?

3. Simple operation

For merchants, WeChat mini program development is an important way to develop the online market. Compared with APP, using mini programs is not only very simple, but also easier to promote. WeChat mini programs support sharing to Moments. Merchants can use some promotional activities to attract users to share and repost, and other potential users can directly see and use them. And if it is an APP, it still needs to be downloaded, which is relatively troublesome. In addition, merchants can also manage mini programs through the mini program backend, and adjust business strategies in a timely manner based on backend data statistics to achieve long-term development. Simple operation reduces the use of labor, thereby reducing operating costs and expanding revenue space.

Is mini program development easy to use? The biggest advantage of mini programs is that they are simple to use, can be used on the go, do not occupy mobile phone memory, and users do not need to download them when using them. Relatively speaking, mini programs have great advantages for merchant operations.

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