Shanghai Mini Program Development – What is the significance of developing WeChat Mini Programs in physical stores?

At present, many physical stores do not know much about mini programs, so they often have a skeptical attitude, so it is difficult to make up their minds to create mini programs. In view of this, let’s talk about mini program production below. What is the significance of developing WeChat mini programs in physical stores?

Shanghai Mini Program Development - What is the significance of developing WeChat Mini Programs in physical stores?
WeChat Mini Program

1. Increase store visibility

As we all know, if physical stores want to build popularity and influence, they mainly rely on distributing flyers offline and using manual methods to promote to users one by one. Although this can achieve good results, the disadvantages are also obvious. Due to limited manpower, the groups and scope that can be covered are often very limited, and the effect will be restricted. But if the store promotes through mini programs, it can not only reach more WeChat users, but also achieve precise positioning and reduce a lot of labor costs. The effect will naturally be more obvious.

2. Expand the customer flow of the store

For many physical stores, if users do not come to the store, it is difficult to know what business the store is engaged in and what products it sells. It is almost impossible to go to the store to learn about it, because users will not have the leisure to learn about every store. Under this situation, if a store promotes its business through small programs, it can find more users who need to buy the store’s products among WeChat’s huge user base, and successfully attract them to its own store, thus effectively Improve store customer flow.

3. It is more convenient to maintain old customers

Many stores use membership methods to maintain regular customers, but the traditional membership method has great restrictions, that is, participation in activities can only be carried out in the store. In this way, even if the store often holds activities, it will be difficult for users to come to the store just to participate in the activities. Many users will not be able to participate in the activities, and the maintenance effect will be very poor. However, stores hold activities through small programs. Users can participate in the activities on their mobile phones, and can also manage their member information at any time, which is more convenient for both stores and users.

4. Users have more choices

The function of the mini program is very powerful. It can not only provide users with advance booking, payment and purchase, but also membership points, activities and other forms. Users will be more interested in choosing. Convenient and flexible. For example, if a user wants to go to a certain store for consumption, he can find the store applet he wants to go to in WeChat in advance, and directly make reservations, purchase goods, or enjoy activities, etc. Then you can go directly to the store to consume when the time comes. This will greatly alleviate the problem of waiting in line, and it will also enrich users’ consumption options.

Finally, WeChat mini programs have indeed brought new development opportunities to physical stores, and this opportunity will bring more considerable value as the development of mini programs continues to mature. space.

I believe that as long as these physical stores can seize this opportunity and develop their own mini programs, they will be able to achieve the desired results from the dividends of the mini programs. But if you miss this development opportunity, when everyone’s mini programs mature and users become accustomed to certain stores, it will be difficult to gain anything by doing it yourself.

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