What is the difference between personal mini programs and enterprise mini programs?

What is the difference between personal mini programs and enterprise mini programs?

Since its launch, the WeChat mini program has attracted the attention of many users, merchants and enterprises. Compared with small business programs, in addition to WeChat payment and peripheral functions, personal mini programs Mini programs are essentially different in many service categories.

What is the difference between personal mini programs and enterprise mini programs?

What is the difference between personal mini programs and enterprise mini programs?
What is the difference between personal mini programs and enterprise mini programs? ?

The registration process is different

The registration subject of the personal version is an individual user. The registration process is very simple. You only need to provide personal identity information verification. The registration process of the enterprise version is relatively complicated and you need to provide various enterprise information. Qualifications, public account numbers, enterprise verification, manager identity information, etc. also require submission of certain certification fees.

The nature of development is different

The biggest function of the personal version of the mini program is information display. Because other corporate functions such as payment functions cannot be opened, it can only be used as a display platform, and personal attributes are relatively small. Most of the small programs in the strong and enterprise versions are built on a commercial basis to carry out buying and selling activities, knowledge payment activities, etc., and use the connecting function of WeChat to achieve closed-loop marketing. E-commerce merchants or enterprises can intelligently build their own mini programs through the Weixin Mini Program, change the location of each function according to needs, and also have marketing functions such as coupons and distribution to lay the foundation for various marketing activities of the merchants. Base.

Different functions that can be developed

The personal version cannot activate the nearby and payment functions, and only has the search function. It is a good way to attract fans and increase reading volume as a display. The enterprise version has complete functions, except The basic function of displaying products, as well as member registration. Functions such as order management and online payment basically meet the marketing needs of enterprises.

Different categories of business services

The personal version is often favored by people with strong personal business service attributes such as lawyers, public relations, promotions, and advertising design. The enterprise version is generally used for job hunting, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, and law firms. , accounting firms, financial services and other groups with strong commercial attributes.

Different categories of services

The service categories of the personal version are generally express delivery, logistics, housekeeping, photography and other service categories. They mainly provide services for targeted groups with specific needs. The enterprise version is generally Financial institutions, tourism industry, government affairs and people’s livelihood and other service groups with a wide audience. Relying on more than 900 million WeChat users and the platform attributes that connect everything, it is easy to form a closed marketing loop. Merchants or enterprises choose to occupy a place in mini programs and use the platform to carry out online and offline marketing. It is a good choice.

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