Analysis of five key points that need to be understood when developing WeChat public accounts

Five points you need to know when developing WeChat public accounts in Chengdu

Five points you need to understand when developing WeChat public accounts

Analysis of five key points that need to be understood when developing WeChat public accounts
WeChat public account

1. Sense of smell

To do business and operate, you must have a certain sensitivity to new things and a sufficient sense of smell for new things. Many times, if you keep your head down and do things conservatively, you will miss some opportunities. Of course, if you have to spend a lot of money, time and resources to do something, you must think carefully about it. If you can try and make mistakes at a low cost, you can actually try it. I think new growth comes from the inside out and requires the ability to seek new breakthroughs and opportunities.

Judging from the signal that WeChat has opened “product search” and only diverts traffic to products in mini programs, merchants must quickly deploy mini programs. We understand that WeChat has set up a “search division” and has been tossing about these things. In other words, when we run a company, we must look at national policies. As merchants, if we want to do social e-commerce, we must pay attention to the trends and policies of WeChat. It is easier to do business when the wind is going well, and it is easy to be killed when the wind is going against us.

2. Contact points

The contact points between merchants and customers on WeChat used to be WeChat personal accounts/moments/WeChat groups/official accounts, but now there is an additional mini program. In fact, when marketing based on WeChat, WeChat personal accounts/moments/WeChat groups/public accounts/mini programs are integrated, which is the matrix of social e-commerce on WeChat. Merchants need to operate this matrix and conduct integrated operations. The worst thing you can do is to save old customers as fans in the official account, keep them in the WeChat account’s circle of friends for interaction, and save them in the mini program as visitor data. In fact, you will save three copies of a customer.

3. Fission

We all know that small programs are versatile APPs that can be used immediately and are relatively lightweight. Combined with fission methods such as distributors/multiple group members/friends to share coupons, it will be easier to spread. Therefore, everyone needs to think about how to increase the layout of effective contact points with customers.

4. Screen-to-body ratio

Mini program cards are shared to WeChat groups, mini program cards are shared to WeChat Moments, and mini program cards are inserted into group text messages. The current style is square, which has a larger screen-to-body ratio than the rectangular cards in the previous H5 era, and the probability of customers clicking is also will be bigger.

5. SEO

Many people have also made predictions that WeChat will definitely open product search/mini program search and there will definitely be major changes, and WeChat SEO may appear.

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