Functions developed by freight applet

Original title: Functions of freight applet development

Many industries are now opening new channels on the Internet, and the freight industry is no exception. Developing a freight logistics applet can bring together some companies or individuals with transportation needs and manage them through the applet to achieve precise docking and transportation. The process can greatly improve the efficiency of logistics and transportation and win more profit margins. So from a development perspective, what functional modules does a freight applet need to implement?

Function of freight applet development

Functions of the freight applet:

1: Register online

Whether you are a truck driver or a user, you can register and log in directly on the freight applet. Users can also log in through third-party platforms, or you can use your mobile phone number to register an account online to log in, whichever is more convenient.

2: Release requirements

Users can post their own freight needs through the freight applet. After the truck driver sees the corresponding information, he or she can take orders based on actual needs, allowing users to get a good online experience.

3: Order receiving hall

After the user publishes the demand, the demand will be displayed in the order receiving hall. After seeing it, the corresponding truck driver will receive the order reasonably according to his own situation, or he can set the demand to dispatch the order independently.

4: Cargo inquiry

Users can check the transportation status of goods and the location of freight vehicles online through the freight applet.

5: Place an order online

Users can choose to place orders online according to their own needs and pay through a third-party platform, which is very convenient and fast.

With the continuous improvement of economic level, people’s demand for goods is also increasing. The development of freight mini-programs conforms to the development trend of the times and provides users with great convenience in their freight life.

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