What are the functions of attendance applet development?

Attendance management services:

Attendance management is an essential step in business management. Attendance management is used to understand attendance rate, and the number of attendance days is the reference basis for salary settlement. There is also attendance management such as leave or transfer between employees. As a basic service in enterprise attendance management, the attendance management function brings more convenience to current enterprises. You can check in directly and sign in online through mobile phones.

Mobile office services:

With the popularity of smartphones, many things can be handled directly through mobile applets. In the field of office services, the management of data and work services by the attendance applet also caters to the needs of current market development. People can obtain more convenient services directly through their mobile phones, making it easier for people to accept this office model.

What are the functions of attendance applet development?
Attendance management

What are the functions of attendance applet development?

1. Attendance clocking: This is the basic function of attendance management. The attendance clock can record the time you go to work and clearly record the number of people who arrive late and leave early. Allow administrative personnel to better process attendance data.

2. Vacation approval: If you need to take a vacation, you can apply directly online through your mobile phone. The approval process is clear, records are archived, and salary calculation is also more convenient.

3. Information notification: When a company needs to notify important information, it can publish it directly through the mini program. This can not only avoid the problem of untimely notification of information, but also provide a more comprehensive introduction to the notification information.

4. Work allocation: In order to improve the office efficiency of the enterprise and better allocate work tasks, the mini program will provide a dedicated [ ] work allocation function, which can be allocated directly by managers through the mini program.

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